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mooncake, is a traditional chinese food.
it's some kind of round or maybe square 'cake' .lolz gao gao. *shown above
there's a thick filling inside, usually made from lotus seed paste *nowadays there are coffee, green tea, and they even have cendol inside! and yeah, the layer outside is soft crust and some of them contain egg yolks or maybe salted duck eggs in the middle of it. *now that's the best part! :D
ermm. the yolks symbolize the moon. *full moon indeed
mooncakes are served steam or baked.
Which makes it tastes more delicious and nice-to-smell :D

there are some kind of jelly mooncakes too. *which i like the most!
and of course the snowskins mooncakes that i will never miss!

ahahaa. talking about mooncakes,
tat day under 20 competition,
a person idk-dc-wat is his name, *dato lai de ahh! how dare you!
had invited us for a dinner at a restaurant.
lolz. the restaurant is just bawah the hotel only. lmao
and of course, he invited 'us' only *temerloh girls :)

he said that he will give us some mooncakes lol.
and we took.............6 mooncakes? idr.
yeahh! delicious! what is cheaper than FREE? NOTHING!
wohoo! and we're the champion lol.
congratzzzzzz to........


*claps claps*

oh yeah! and if you notice, her tummy is getting bigger and 'round-er'
hahaa. ya la ya la. know your aino very geng laa. ishh2.
*lansi with her new phone

i throw away baru tahu!
ishh! geram betul!
hahaa. i wonder if i can made it on time to that dinner.
22nd of DECEMBER.
hrrmmm. my un14 competition's lasts on 22nd of dec.
perhaps i can go back early, or maybe the competition starts or ends early,
i can still rush there!

arghhh! just wish me good luck lah :(


*ignore that wrinkle!

it's been a long time i didn't update my blog since that picapost.
whoahhhhh! it's long long x4 time ago. hrrrrmmmmmmmmm :(

there are 3 newbies in our hostel now *they sleep in the room opposite ours
they areeeeeee :

wanying, chaixiu and xiaoqi. *three of them are so tall man!
xiaoqi is quite okay with us. wanying is even better *coz she's crazy
but chaixiu ar..... hrmmm.
ahahaa. no laaa. she's just not quite suiting herself at the hostel.
so maybe she's kinda 'happy' and 'noisy' when spending the time with us.

oh yeah, she's my classmate too. congratz that i finally have a partner to talk to *in chinese
idc and idk what you do at school,
just don't disturb the one that i wanted to look at the most. *i'll bite you! roarr
the others, give you la give you la :))

hrmmm. everything is just fine.
nothing much to care, nothing much to know.
i'm just hoping that he will look at me once i look at him.

nahh. continue dreaming laa.
your dreams will never come true.
*unfortunately, i lied :(


went to a wedding dinner last Saturday.
with my family. hee! : )
nothing special. simple dressup. *rush lol
felt disappointed with their food. hrrrmmm : (

sistaaaaa. : ))
*black and white lol.

start camwhore with my brother.
* let's start with rock n roll!

then the weird one :-*

with the bride.
isn't she beautifuLLLL : )
*she keep saying that i'm tall =,=
*thankiuu :') [this pica is a reject lol]

seltakingggg. *hrmm hrmm : )

just start selftakingg. arghh.
here comes the prom queen =X

nehh. join u sekali laa. : )


just copying her laa : ((

simple simple. laalaa~

she want also lol : )

my mother's friend.
she said i'm bored selftaking alone.
and she wanna join me too : )

teenagers ROCKS!

my bro suddenly said quick capture for 3 picas.
*just put the first one.
the 2nd and 3rd were disasters.

last but not least, the gedik oneeee :-*

teehee : )
this holiday sucks man.
gonna miss this week's school-ing day lagi.
got game this Friday. nahh.
not very important game actually.
just have fun there. ponteng school lagi : )))
going to school next monday.
hope that i can pay for the Gala dinner in time.
God bless me :'(

Amituofo :'(


well, my sister and i went to Gambang Water park ♥
i mean, with her boyfriend's family, along,
last Sept 11. (i forgot which day)
i will just describe the picas.
take a look at it properly kay.

*she's the prom queen,
seeing her MAGAZINE~

view from our CABANA : )

there she comes!

play till so wet huh?
unfortunately i can't play with them : (

changed her shirt. LOL
*star meh

nehh. selftake =X

their stuffs. ahaha.
*i wonder why she brought that chicky along

the milo we drank : )

*langsung tak ice lol.

CoCo Beach. (my dog's beach lol)
*its a man-made beach. got waves sumtimes : )

and off to the slides! wohoo
*ignore the telematch pool. its just a simple rectangular pool

this is the best!
i've been playing this slides for more than 3 times lol.

and i love the way it SLIDES! rock n slide!

this slides is for 3 people and above.
ride it with your family : )
*see? it is fully damaged. but still idc alotof ppl going.
(still safe okay)


the TUBES.
*its not free. it costs RM10+ for a tube. (not for sale)

the KIDs area.
*bring your kids here and play however they want,
and you take a good rest at the cabana : )

blah blah blah. Journey of ice.

oh yeah! my favourite part.
the Piranha! (the small one)

now this is the big one.
*it waits until the water to fill up,
a lot of people waiting down there and....

the people down there : )

that's all.
and yeah.
just discovered some funny videos,
thanks my listener for introducing it to me.
its damn funny de weihh!
cute, cute and CUTE!

the chimpanzee so smart de weihh!
and the dog with a backpack.
both so cute : )
thanks for the intro listener.
very appreciate it. hee! :)


this is the video i've been watching for a hundred times.
feel the beats. you will like it too. *xoxo


went to KL for my father's friend open house.
although it's a boring trip, and idk why i wanted so much to follow,
but its surely the best house i've ever seen!
i didn't take any picas of the house, but the design was fantastic!
*only orang yang kaya kaya stay these place lol.
on the way, what i did was just sleep : )

once i reached there, PARADISE.
all kinds of food. biscuits + cookies, laksa, rendang and lots of any other food.
lolx. what i remember the most is the laksa. SWEET! it tastes S
nahh. after having my meal, off to the living room, i mean, a living room, sit there, and do nothing. as i said, it was boring there. i've nothing to do but camwhore : )
i took ONE pica. lolz.

yaa. really the ONE and only pica i took. ngek.
*except the selftake picas laa. that one other kira lol.
hmm. and play PSP, and i fell asleep -,-

nahh, i've nothing much left to say.
i waited for four hours. just to watch bunkface on TV!
i waited since 10pm. and finally i saw bunkface! hell yeah!
SHOUT! Awards lol. and they performed live singing Revolusi.
i'm an idiot. * high alone in the living room
and the next day, i watched them performing live on TV, again,
bunkface vs hujan.
lol. so obvious that bunkface gonna win. ngek : ) *in your face!
situasi in piano version. SMART weihh! nice boom!
i wonder if they will come to perform in kuantan.
ngek. *keep on dreaming, don't forget dreams may come true : )


i'm so in love with BUNKFACE recently.
after watching the MTV World Stage lol.
they are amazing!
they are making Malaysians proud of them lol.
their songs, *Revolusi, *Through my window, *Prom Queen, *Situasi and etc..
are superb babeh!
i listen to them always lol.
you can download their songs and listen to them if you are interested.
if you don't like it, just ignore this post. hee! : )
stop talking crap.

i just love them : )

*just press to zoom if you can't see it.



Gonna blog about this later.
tired and lazy.

nighty nights*


here, i'm really appreciate everything you gave to me.
(lolz. just some shits in my mind)

lolz. i'm so miserable... :'(
muscles pain.
feeling bored all the time.
and hungry too. *now :'(
feeling wanna rest tomorrow,
and sleeping too.
have to go for training,
and playing too.
kinda stress,
and tension too.
felt moody when training,
and and frust too.
looking at my friend,
felt that they were very disapoointed in me,
or maybe not.
felt so sleepy right now.
wanna rest.

i asked my friend yesterday,
what should you say when i'm going to bed?

he answered:

i'm angry lol. not to mention what i said after that.
really angry to know such a stupid friend like dia.
well, gonna off now.



yeah. the name of it.
one word to describe this place. BORED
feeling bored and bored and bored staying and training here.
i'm so not cool with the guys around here. LOL

nahh. i don't want to talk about the things around here.
i'm just wanna talk about

and yeap. i'm here to train for under 16 lol.

Q: Why are we here and why just not stay at kuantan to train?
because we're here to tie in one of the Bera player just because that her parents doesn't allow her to play volleyball again.(if she had to use money) And you know what? Even if we're here, she couldn't make it too. I'm PISSED OFF! *rawr

Q: What makes you so pissed off? she also don't want this to happen what : (
Darn! if she couldn't make it, why won't she's just tell the truth and leave the volleyball world alone! i'm so not happy when i talk about her. >:(

*the angel talks*
Well, Kelly~
You have to accept the fact and live the life! *so live your live
You can't just blame her. Is her parents don't let her play.
It's not what she really wants actually.
Just DON'T think that everything was her fault.
She wanted to be like one of you too.
Just she couldn't make it in a perfect way.
Remember Kelly!
Friends are forever. Don't send them to Jupiter : ))


I think that u're right!
LOLz. i you angel~ *where's the devil?

He's on vacation : ))


i'm addicted to some songs and movies recently.
i've found out that oldies are the best : )))
but i like newies too. LOL.
like Boys 2 Men- End of the road.
it was like, going back to 80's :'(

well, i'm feeling wanna listen to Touch My Hand by David Archuleta.
LOL. wad happen to me???
and i'm feeling like going back to my old life.
Piano once more? i can't just forget the notes i played :'(
ballade pour adeline's notes always appear in my mind lol.

and for the movie, i'm thinking that if i have a chance to the cinema,
i wanna watch resident evil as well.
as you can see, this movie is quite violent,
well, i'm here to tell you, I LOVE VIOLENCE! *muahaha
ekhmm, that's not the main point.

clever girl.
what is the time now?
leaving to bera for training tomorrow.
i'm so x5 lazy to pack lol.
i'm not feeling wanna go too :'(
i wanna stay at home.
i doesn't wanna go there and see their faces anymore.
they are making me ill. yii ! pergi jauh2 la = =
malas nak tengok muke u yg 'comel' tu. lolz.
hate them so much :'(

that's all.


thanks to my 'friend' here.
i don't know what's her real purpose and idc what is she really doing.
But if she disturbed us........
Well, i think is THEY disturbed us..
congratulation~ and celebration~
we're not gonna scold you back, or whatever,
we're just gonna burn you guys' house : )

nah. we won't.

now what they did?
they came over to our pages in facebook,
and leave some 'attitude comments'.
and i'm here to say.


you guys' hurt my dear Sally okay!
*don't get hurt. i Sayang : ))

well, just remember.
we're going there in a couple of days.
just becareful and stop doing these nonsense and stupid action once again.
don't step on our tails.
we will bite you back. * arghh


*terms & condition apply
(bodoh. what am i talking)