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This is so not cool !
It's benn a LONG time !
dear bloggie, i'm so sorry that i didn't feed you :'(
laaa. stop the nonsense. *ridiculous derr =3=

hrmm, nothing happen recently,
oh yea ! i'm pengawas now ! :D *blaa laah
pengawas, juga boleh dipanggil pengganas, by my friend
chehh, idoncarelaaaa.

my sister's wedding is around the corner.
can't wait to see her in the beautiful wedding dresssssss.
fuyoh ! full of happiness :')
skip !

hey, i do miss you a lot !
when can both of us meet again ?
i miss the moment with you,
movie-time, having meals together, sitting together.
and of course the warm you gave me whenever i'm cold.
i'm glad that you're mine now :')

nahh, stop that ! *chehh
now, nak story sikit boleh ? :D
ermmm, last Thursday, *if i'm not mistaken
there's a ceramah for form 3, 5 and 6 students.
the penceramah, Tuan Raja Ismail bin Raja Shahadin,
gave a very meaningful, touching and membakar semangat talk,
and of course,
make majority of the people dropped their tears.

i'm not in the mood to listen what he said firstly,
but the way he talked really catch my attention.
i can't stop laughing when he said about 'Amygdala'.
Do you know what is Amygdala ?

spot where it is ?
lu tak nampak, lu memang buta !
yeaa, that is. there's the place where ALL your emotions are keep.
anger, jealousy, happy, sad, falling in love with someone, saw hottiess,
and whatsoever laa.

En. Raja did told us lots of his life experience too.
We're touched.
He had eight children and left 5.
The eldest three died in an accident. *he didn't mention what kind of accident

There's once a mother, who had a son. His son wanted to go travelling with his friends to somewhere else far away from his hometown. His mother resisted it immediately and told him that his safety was not guaranteed and wanted him to stay home at once. Then, the night she denied him, he died on the bed when he was sleeping right next to her. While his friends came back safe and sound.

but itulah takdirnya.
bila awak ditakdirkan mati pada hari itu,
tak kira lah awak berada di mana, dengan siapa, tengah buat apa,
you're still gonna leave this world. and your loves one.
so appreciate what you have. now.
not only things, friends, or whatever boy/girlfie,
do spend more time with your family, especially your parents.
lots of commercial showing on tv,
telling us to go back home often,
have dinner with family. not only dinner, but all the time you HAVE.
that's why i came back home. and missed the larian panglima.

nahhh, craps laaa.
bored huh reading this post ?
don't read laa -,-
orang advise tak mau dengar.
take it or leave it.

oh yeaa. you not what ?
you changed a lot !
not better, but worse !
you've become worse than ever !
damn laaa. not gonna say this anymore.
continue = lagi bengang.

end of post.


i'm waiting for the dayyyyyyyyyyy !
February is here ! no more Jan, chinese new year is here.
well, what is my planning on February ?


i'm so gonna watch it !
i don't care i don't care i don't care !
18+ or whatever ! i have to watch it !
it's a MUST ! i wanna i wanna i wanna ! :'(
sorlouuuuu ! teman saya ! watch this ! must must must ! :(
but quite boring for you i think,
for me ? no no no no :D
Christina Aguilera's voice,
listen to the second song in the playlist, *just click next
her voice , so 'ummmmhhhhhh !'

she ROCKS !
she is the small woman with BIG VOICE !
she really got it ALL !
i can't stop praising her,
i like listen to her songs,
tune the volume to the MAX,
and get scolded by my dad, disturbing him watching tv,
duhh ?
do i care much ?
it's Christina !

she is beautiful :')