per day.

click hype on :)

ask lahh.

every time..

6pm de bus...
b4 tat time...
i sure will on9...
open maii FB....
post sumthing like "im leaving~", "bye my frenz~"...
its reali sad to leave eu guys...

wah~ see dao eu all si beh shuang ar~~
hapi dao arr~~hug hug lar~
bt whn its time to leave..
my heart bleeds...
(bengong..hate seii~><)

ytd go skul..
see dao bao beii ride bicycle~
(gou noob err~ haha~)
gt band practise~
fiuuweet~in band liao worr~
pro kia~^^ haha~
see dao u i reali hapi norr~
wah seeh~ hapi dao scream ar~
bt no hug= =
+ kena dia de bicycle- -
hurt my toes.....T^T
seii bao beii ar~

aikss..suan le suan le..
dnwan say le....
nid kemas maii beg dy~



hey~ 3 vs 3~~

at kuantan~ walao eh~
tired dao~~!! ><
holiday oso wan training ar~~
sot sot de ah sir~ haha~ jk nia~
hou choii tis holiday gt game~
3 vs 3~ wad lai de~ 1st time hear~= =
hmm~ me, myan and Mandy same team~
2moro start~wuhuu~ kat triang~ (mcm la u wan to go==)


sienzz de narr.. at thr oso cant on9 de~
can oso use man man de laptop~
go ECM~ STARBUCK~ baru boleh on9~
aikss~ miss seii DIA~
hmm~ bila DIA mau cari saya...aikss..
time pass by slow nia..><
dnwan update le....
wad time dy...
1:21am le narr~ late dy~><

NITEx~ (tomyam 2moro)^^