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wao~ can't wait lor~
my new skul's SPORTS DAY!
oh yeah~~~
ngek~2day~i stayback after school for long jump event mah~
thn change shirt ady straight away go pagar sekolah..
thn wait until 3:30pm oni go long jump..

* left-hand side 1 is akif, right-hand side 1 is fahmie : )

whn i go out..
i saw Fahmie, Akif and PK..
say hi lor vf thm..
fahmi ar fahmi~ u r so cute~~~~
: ))))))))))
his short..err..xD
he has tiger tooth too : )
comelnyee die~~


straight away go padang there..
register my name at Bendahara..(yellow)
and ask them about tat event lor..
hmm..thn tat teacher says:
"hey..lompat jauh semalam dah berlangsung la"
"hari ni lompat tinggi dengan tarik tali saja"
walao weh~~
even tarik tali also she call me to be reserved..

thn i call her to cut my name..
straight away cut ar!
so angry~ arghh~
thn go walk around ..
see perempuan C high jump..
quite okay..
thn suddenly a chinese teacher walk infront of me..
ask me:
"u what rumah? shahbandar(green)?"
thn i explain lor...about Bendahara de things..
okay..she ask me whether i got involve in any event b4 or not....
of course no lar!
2day is the first time ever tat i stay back at skul till so late~
thn she pull me to shahbandar..for high jump..

high jump????
long jump can la..
high jump ar..
i see dao tat palang oso phobia liaw ar!
aiyo..thn jump lor..
1st round so susah oni jump over..
thn 2nd round left 3 finalists oni..
my opponent quite strong..
i oways wish tat she will make tat palang drop..
ngek =]
hou choii..
still get no.1 and no giv Bendahara de ppl memandang rendah saya~xD



update 2moro.


hey~ i've been following something recently~
it's the PUFFYLAB.
i've been following it for quite a time.

it's something like a place selling tees by local designers and they are absolutely awesome!
SIGN UP and u will get a chance to get a FREE launch tee worth RM45!
hello~ a tee worth RM45 is a quality tee okay!
don't miss this precious opportunity to get one!


before that..i would like to explain it more about this PUFFYLAB.
it is having a launch event by promoting tees and PUFFYLAB,

you can sign up here.

and invites people through FACEBOOK or TWITTER!

just share it!

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hurry up! You are running out of time!



hmm.. closing ady..

kinda disappointed..

*evening star din help me :'(


so bored...

just went to triang and town.

din even go further than that.


tat is what we called..



Huh? Why so likey my name oo? ngek ngek : )

My fren here, fish, like her name so much~ snow * * *

i've chatted vf her for quite a long time yesterday or 2 days ago :D

We chat about our names..(oh yeah~our chinese name :D)

It's kinda weird and i don't have any ideas that we will chat about our names.

She likes my name.. i dunno why~

She started to call me smile since she knew what is the truth meaning of my chinese name. Her name is kinda special too : )

Well..she wrote in her blog too~ : ) visit it HERE.

kinda lazy now..

Blog later.. *maks


my dad went to dinner at AWANA jz now..
he said tat everyone there have a chance to write whether Spain or Switz win..
and win how much lar~everyone wrote that spain wins...
1-0 2-0 3-0 etc..including my father..
after that~
ta-daa~ switzerland won 1-0....
everybody got shocked and thought that there was no winner liaw de..
but..beside my dadi got one person who duno how to see ball...
wrote "switzerland 1-0"..
mwahahahahahahaha~ he's the only one who wrote that~
thn he won a football, world cup T-shirt and 10 tickets to watch perfomance at genting..RM50 each..
( he gave one to my dadi =] )
he is a smart smart guy~ he sit beside my dadi oni..
my dadi ask lor..why he will write like tat...
he said :
"aiyo...i duno how to see de...i think maybe switzerland beside england..wah~ maybe geng xia wor~ thn i mah write lor~^^"

deng him ==



it's hawaii-gone-wild day : )

i went out for dinner vf my mami and my eldest sis 2day~
crabbie~ : )
din take any picas of it~
coz i'm eating it out of control~ : )
wanna off to bed now~
he slept...

so do i

nighty nite


i promise someone tat i'm gonna sleep early 2nite : )



sad :'(

just now heard something that happened at Malacca there..


(how are you there????? miss u all de marh~ T_T)

it's about yan chin..

is it true?

he really did this to you oo?????

really put her also dunwan put u oo??

he say he forget to put u??

is that true..?

i need confirmation...



saw my friend's blog just now.
suddenly felt that it was my fault for treating u like that last time.
so frust lar :'(
hope you can forgive me lar~


seeing your msg on my hp screen..
as fast as lightning..
making me so excited to receive every single msg from you..
the sweetness that we experience last time had came back :)

i wish to see you again..miss you so much..
miss your specs :D
hope to see you time..

don't ever leave me again..
don't ever send blank messages..
don't ever stop replying my messages..

you have to tell every single place you go..
you have to tell every single thing you do..
you have to tell every single secrets you know..
haha xD

secrets doesn't have to tell me~
but you HAVE to!
haha~ (what kind of nonsense was that ><)


back to the main topic here today..

go training for MSSM at pekan..
it was quite a week there..
having frenly with the sukma team too :)

went to T.C too :)
*teluk cempedak


but... DAMN!
we have to walk to the hall for training in the hot SUN!
walao weh..

walk out from the hostel/the school..

its like there are three stations..

1. the kedai makan
2.the training hall
3.the hostel we lived

i straight skipped to the journey when we wanna go back to hostel after eat at kedai makan.
from station one to station3!

*every pica takes 2 mins to walk

u saw the way that can turn right?
thats the way to the hall~


** KACHiNG **

hehe~ arrive 10 mins faster babe~!
coz got car!
no car = +10 more mins!
it's freaking hot lar wei!
what weather oo!
want us to walk under the HOT HOT SUN!

and we did so many s2pid things in our room~

these are picas to prove it all that we were..




*photographer: fei yuan


*in the bus

hmm~~i went to kedah for competition~
although the results were not what i wanted and not satisfied enough..
i sit in the bus for 10 hours man!
belum kira balik lagi :'(
i have a lot of fun there :)
get to know more about Rashid~ haha~ sampat de==
and meet lots of ppl like my dear listener,
N.S girl (izzati) ,
and dear JiNG~
and so ON lar..
(still got lots of ppl but i don't wanna mention it here)

well~ the first day..

vs Selangor.. 3-0..
daisei lar..
1st match was a piece of sh**!
know why? (because they no put me mah~LMAO)
LMAO. then they put me liaw.
getting better and nearly win in third set><

vs Terengganu...3-2..
lagi don't want to talk about it..
say dao oso geram ar..

thn lose all liaw lor~ can balik liaw lor~
ei ei ei!
stop stop stop!
wait wait wait!

where can so fast jiu go bak~ ngek :)
still haven't play finish~
we went to tesco too :)
i meet my listener there.
dear Meng :)

we went out to Alor Star Mall oni...T_T
that also need 1 and a half hour to reach ar!
bodoh punya bus driver!
really bodoh lar..
they gave us time to walk..
from 5-9pm..
use jor 1:30..
thn 6:30-9pm..
2 hour and a half to go..
salah mall again!

make me lagi geram!
suan le suan le~ ><


*lazy wan write le..T_T

: : : :these are the picas: : : :

the XXL shirt~

me n JiNG

and i didn't miss my listener too :)
thx for waiting my blog to be updated for whole nite :'(

that's all :)

gonna slp now.

nighty nite