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ask lahh.


yeah. the name of it.
one word to describe this place. BORED
feeling bored and bored and bored staying and training here.
i'm so not cool with the guys around here. LOL

nahh. i don't want to talk about the things around here.
i'm just wanna talk about

and yeap. i'm here to train for under 16 lol.

Q: Why are we here and why just not stay at kuantan to train?
because we're here to tie in one of the Bera player just because that her parents doesn't allow her to play volleyball again.(if she had to use money) And you know what? Even if we're here, she couldn't make it too. I'm PISSED OFF! *rawr

Q: What makes you so pissed off? she also don't want this to happen what : (
Darn! if she couldn't make it, why won't she's just tell the truth and leave the volleyball world alone! i'm so not happy when i talk about her. >:(

*the angel talks*
Well, Kelly~
You have to accept the fact and live the life! *so live your live
You can't just blame her. Is her parents don't let her play.
It's not what she really wants actually.
Just DON'T think that everything was her fault.
She wanted to be like one of you too.
Just she couldn't make it in a perfect way.
Remember Kelly!
Friends are forever. Don't send them to Jupiter : ))


I think that u're right!
LOLz. i you angel~ *where's the devil?

He's on vacation : ))

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