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mooncake, is a traditional chinese food.
it's some kind of round or maybe square 'cake' .lolz gao gao. *shown above
there's a thick filling inside, usually made from lotus seed paste *nowadays there are coffee, green tea, and they even have cendol inside! and yeah, the layer outside is soft crust and some of them contain egg yolks or maybe salted duck eggs in the middle of it. *now that's the best part! :D
ermm. the yolks symbolize the moon. *full moon indeed
mooncakes are served steam or baked.
Which makes it tastes more delicious and nice-to-smell :D

there are some kind of jelly mooncakes too. *which i like the most!
and of course the snowskins mooncakes that i will never miss!

ahahaa. talking about mooncakes,
tat day under 20 competition,
a person idk-dc-wat is his name, *dato lai de ahh! how dare you!
had invited us for a dinner at a restaurant.
lolz. the restaurant is just bawah the hotel only. lmao
and of course, he invited 'us' only *temerloh girls :)

he said that he will give us some mooncakes lol.
and we took.............6 mooncakes? idr.
yeahh! delicious! what is cheaper than FREE? NOTHING!
wohoo! and we're the champion lol.
congratzzzzzz to........


*claps claps*

oh yeah! and if you notice, her tummy is getting bigger and 'round-er'
hahaa. ya la ya la. know your aino very geng laa. ishh2.
*lansi with her new phone

i throw away baru tahu!
ishh! geram betul!
hahaa. i wonder if i can made it on time to that dinner.
22nd of DECEMBER.
hrrmmm. my un14 competition's lasts on 22nd of dec.
perhaps i can go back early, or maybe the competition starts or ends early,
i can still rush there!

arghhh! just wish me good luck lah :(

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