per day.

click hype on :)

ask lahh.

Baby Natalie

she is 4 months-old now and she can laugh louder than me !

look how pretty her smiles are :)
feel free to come and visit her . WITHOUT MAKEUP PLEASE .
i scared her just now with my makeup on *for the photoshoot
goddamn it she cried till the whole city can hear her voice .

urggghh , she's too chubby .
look at her buns . *cheek

i love her so muchhhhhhh


hi my dead blog .
okay , i think i told you before that imma make braces one day .
and taa-daaa !
my treatment had started since . . . .
i think two months ago .
auuuuuuuuh yeaaaaaaaaaaaa ! :D

look how terrible my teeth are .
now you think i shall get ortho treatment . herh !
before this steel is put on ,
the dentist put some kind of letter-O rubber between my big teeth . *not front teeth
its round and is Aqua color . small size and there's 7 rubbers .

that time , fuhhhhhh !
whatever food i put in my mouth must be hurtful .
i can barely talk too . gosh its miserable :'(

by the way , baby NATALIE is 4 months old NOW ! :)
she's rounder , bigger and naughtier =,=
hahaha , will update her pictures soon .

I'll be back ! >:D



well , make this for my lunch today .

ingredients :
2 pcs of ham
100 g of minced pork
a handful divide by two of spaghetti . *ignore
a piece of Chesdale cheese
an egg
1/4 bottle of MAGGIE tomato sauce
a pinch of salt and sugar
soy sauce
half a cup of water
and butter to replace everything that needs oil .

the steps , figure it out yourselves !
imma fight with my spaghetti and eat it . wait

let's just say imma eat the spaghetti .

bye .




late late late night now . *not that late actually

i just can't sleep :'(
he is not home yet and i will never go to sleep until his body touches the bed .
i'm not sleeping with him kay ,
well detailly ,
he is playing computer games right now ,
and he have to leave at 7am tomorrow morning .
its about 1am now and he is still outside .

imma KILL him .
but i love him . *crap lagi

whateva .

last week , on 13th of Oct ,
WE also known as Siew Wai , Tee Chai Xiu , Lee Man Hinn , and the unfamous ME ,
went to Johor Bahru to visit Syan Lee .
so excited but there was error and some problems during
the journey but NEVERMIND.
as long as it did not cause any delay or whatsoever .
we did had a lot of fun there ,
staying at Syan's place ,
and she brought us to eat some awesome food around . *awesome cewahh

Landed in City Square , walked our feet to some amazing stores which sell lots of spectacular tops and pants with inexpensive prices . *fuhh ayat
and in the middle of nowhere , we spotted this .

we were trying so hard to look like it , epic failed .

kay ,
then moved on our ass to the food floor due to the growling tummy screaming for food .
as planned earlier , we step in to a restaurant named Stonegrill .

from left :
1. Chicken Grill
2. Salmon Grill
3. Lamb Grill
4. two TOMYAM ,
i) Dong Hoon *HaHa
only understand if you watch Running man
ii) Mee Hoon

Gambar-gambar lain ,
apa pandang-pandang ?

ijustdontunderstandwhyhestilllookgoodinanyangle ?

okay , after shutting up the tummies , Syan started the car's engine and spin the wheel to our next stop , Danga Bay .

In fact , I'm so damn lazy right now and I know you are sick of reading my craps isn't it ?
so I'll just let the pictures talk . *blablabla

LAST but not least ,

with my boo

okay now , heavy eyelids are covering my sight .
i can't see anything but Dreamland .
sorry but I have to board the SleepAirlines now.
chao !


damn it , the exam is killing me .
keep studying day and night ,
24 hours without sleeping , eating , and bath !freaking miserable !
i don't even have chance to wash my hair !
and it stinks ! :'(
nahhh , cut the crap .
well , not really studying actually .
just want to relax myself , for this whole week .

don't wanna give too much pressure on me .

hrmmm ,

now , movies .



Nasi Lemak 2.0


Johnny English Reborn ,


well , the movies above were just awesome !
i've watched them and i'm thinking of watching them ALL OVER AGAAAAAIN !

nahh , Johnny English is so hilarious that i'm just laughing from the beginning of the movie till the end of it .
ermmm , the loudest was me i think :D

As a matter of fact , I don't want to watch this Johnny movie at first ,
I was thinking if Rowan Atkinson act as other character than MrBean ,
that movie is the worst movie ever !

then i was mistaken .
my boo was like saying how good this movie was ,
how funny Rowan Atkinson act as Johnny English , just like MrBean .
then I end up watching it with him and his sister , Juslin .
i am so NOT REGRET .
BEST MOVIE EVER ! *muahmuah

eventually , after watching the movie ,
i told him that I am sorry for the earlier intractability .


woooopsssssy !
dead , so dead .
my blog is dead ! :'(
cut the drama , moron .

it's Wednesday and i'm blogging here at school ,
am i just great ?
bwahahahaha !
okay , now , this post here imma write something just ,
quite meaningful .

idk lahh if you think its not meaningful or what ?
i will just write something how i feel , from my heart . DEEPLY .

now , i am so concern that each one of you will have stress problem .
so do I .
from all angles , the study part , the work part , the family part ,
the computer games part , the color paper with numbers on it part and so on .
i understand how you guys felt .
don't you feel that every single day , your problem will just get worse and worse if you don't settle it ?
in a meanwhile , you will feel that yourself are getting abandoned right ?

then you start to blame yourself .
after the blaming thing , you will do something crazy , blablabla

now as you can see ,stress will just make your life sucks .
so freaking sucks .
i hope that you realize it earlier .
solve your problem and everything will be just fine .

not the hard way , but the good way .
think of the problem , why is it happened , what shall be done next .
if you can't do that alone , why don't you ask your parents' or siblings' opinion ?
by the way , family always comes first right ?
or your so called BFF , chehh .
if me , i will just call my imaginary friend :D

hahahaa , you may look for a massage sifu .
they keep your secrets ,and they massage you .
double BINGO !
i had just taken my course for sport massage . *cewaaah
if you want my service , then make appointment with my assistant .

terms and conditions apply .

imma post about my cutie little niece as soon as possible :)
just show one of her pictures first to let you feel curious , MWAHAHAHA .

isn't she just adorable ? OHMY , she's too cute to be my niece .
I just can't believe it , stab me please .


ribbons :)

as you can see ,
i've change the skin of my blog .
not change actually ,
just add something to make look more . . .
complicated ?

whatever lahh .
kinda bad mood now .
hishh , its all because of that lousy-shitty-idontreallylikeit steamboat .

f*** my bro for this , *not really
arrived his friend's house at about . . . 7 pm ? *a girl's house
then saw her little doggie named Bobby ,
its ears had been cut off O.O
well , at the animal clinic of course ,
not his father using a pair of scissors then cut off like that .

NO !

in a mean time , when my brother's friends were meeting like saying ,
"i think the food here is not enough for the amount of people here ."

like , A LOT ?
nehhhh , just 10 or something .
so they planned to go markets like TF aka TONG FAT ,
or maybe some other place selling cool stuff like hot dogs or whatever they like .
then suddenly a voice called out "how about The Store ? " *thats me . HAH .

okay then , that's was just my idea .
lahhhhh , MENTAKAB mah . you thought KL meh ,
u think there's any Cold Storage here ?

after that one of my bro's friend COMMENT to her another friend .
" hmmm , The Store's things very old ady de wohh. "
then i terus bengang and COMMENT back ,
" go buy food only what , also not buy clothes . "
deng back her .

hey now , what's the point huh ?
so what if the things there are old ?
are you qualify to say that ?
*well although i'm not qualify to say you also

but hey !
if you think The Store's things are old ,
then you move to KL loh ?
as easy as that .

go go go ! hiuuuu .
see dao you also sienz =,=

wooooopsydoooooodieeee !
what day is today guys ?
oh yeahh , it's 31st August and the whole Malaysia know ,
today is our . . .


merdeka ! merdeka ! merdeka !

well , well , well
today is the most honour and respected day in a year .
of course , it is so much better if we just stay home ,
doing nothing and blogging .
don't go anywhere as it is waste of energy ,
no countdown ,
facebook-ing update your status , HAPPY NATIONAL DAY .

standing in front of your computer singing the national anthem is just enough .

yes , we have to celebrate the day ,
like counting down at Gentiong Highland ,
anywhere like Times Square or whateverplace lahh .

doing such is good ,
its just about how much you love your country , right ?
just like i said , watching videos like some patriotic songs ,
sing along , also shows that you love your country .