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click hype on :)

ask lahh.


woooopsssssy !
dead , so dead .
my blog is dead ! :'(
cut the drama , moron .

it's Wednesday and i'm blogging here at school ,
am i just great ?
bwahahahaha !
okay , now , this post here imma write something just ,
quite meaningful .

idk lahh if you think its not meaningful or what ?
i will just write something how i feel , from my heart . DEEPLY .

now , i am so concern that each one of you will have stress problem .
so do I .
from all angles , the study part , the work part , the family part ,
the computer games part , the color paper with numbers on it part and so on .
i understand how you guys felt .
don't you feel that every single day , your problem will just get worse and worse if you don't settle it ?
in a meanwhile , you will feel that yourself are getting abandoned right ?

then you start to blame yourself .
after the blaming thing , you will do something crazy , blablabla

now as you can see ,stress will just make your life sucks .
so freaking sucks .
i hope that you realize it earlier .
solve your problem and everything will be just fine .

not the hard way , but the good way .
think of the problem , why is it happened , what shall be done next .
if you can't do that alone , why don't you ask your parents' or siblings' opinion ?
by the way , family always comes first right ?
or your so called BFF , chehh .
if me , i will just call my imaginary friend :D

hahahaa , you may look for a massage sifu .
they keep your secrets ,and they massage you .
double BINGO !
i had just taken my course for sport massage . *cewaaah
if you want my service , then make appointment with my assistant .

terms and conditions apply .

imma post about my cutie little niece as soon as possible :)
just show one of her pictures first to let you feel curious , MWAHAHAHA .

isn't she just adorable ? OHMY , she's too cute to be my niece .
I just can't believe it , stab me please .


ribbons :)

as you can see ,
i've change the skin of my blog .
not change actually ,
just add something to make look more . . .
complicated ?

whatever lahh .
kinda bad mood now .
hishh , its all because of that lousy-shitty-idontreallylikeit steamboat .

f*** my bro for this , *not really
arrived his friend's house at about . . . 7 pm ? *a girl's house
then saw her little doggie named Bobby ,
its ears had been cut off O.O
well , at the animal clinic of course ,
not his father using a pair of scissors then cut off like that .

NO !

in a mean time , when my brother's friends were meeting like saying ,
"i think the food here is not enough for the amount of people here ."

like , A LOT ?
nehhhh , just 10 or something .
so they planned to go markets like TF aka TONG FAT ,
or maybe some other place selling cool stuff like hot dogs or whatever they like .
then suddenly a voice called out "how about The Store ? " *thats me . HAH .

okay then , that's was just my idea .
lahhhhh , MENTAKAB mah . you thought KL meh ,
u think there's any Cold Storage here ?

after that one of my bro's friend COMMENT to her another friend .
" hmmm , The Store's things very old ady de wohh. "
then i terus bengang and COMMENT back ,
" go buy food only what , also not buy clothes . "
deng back her .

hey now , what's the point huh ?
so what if the things there are old ?
are you qualify to say that ?
*well although i'm not qualify to say you also

but hey !
if you think The Store's things are old ,
then you move to KL loh ?
as easy as that .

go go go ! hiuuuu .
see dao you also sienz =,=