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ask lahh.


*ignore that wrinkle!

it's been a long time i didn't update my blog since that picapost.
whoahhhhh! it's long long x4 time ago. hrrrrmmmmmmmmm :(

there are 3 newbies in our hostel now *they sleep in the room opposite ours
they areeeeeee :

wanying, chaixiu and xiaoqi. *three of them are so tall man!
xiaoqi is quite okay with us. wanying is even better *coz she's crazy
but chaixiu ar..... hrmmm.
ahahaa. no laaa. she's just not quite suiting herself at the hostel.
so maybe she's kinda 'happy' and 'noisy' when spending the time with us.

oh yeah, she's my classmate too. congratz that i finally have a partner to talk to *in chinese
idc and idk what you do at school,
just don't disturb the one that i wanted to look at the most. *i'll bite you! roarr
the others, give you la give you la :))

hrmmm. everything is just fine.
nothing much to care, nothing much to know.
i'm just hoping that he will look at me once i look at him.

nahh. continue dreaming laa.
your dreams will never come true.
*unfortunately, i lied :(

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