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Baby Natalie

she is 4 months-old now and she can laugh louder than me !

look how pretty her smiles are :)
feel free to come and visit her . WITHOUT MAKEUP PLEASE .
i scared her just now with my makeup on *for the photoshoot
goddamn it she cried till the whole city can hear her voice .

urggghh , she's too chubby .
look at her buns . *cheek

i love her so muchhhhhhh


hi my dead blog .
okay , i think i told you before that imma make braces one day .
and taa-daaa !
my treatment had started since . . . .
i think two months ago .
auuuuuuuuh yeaaaaaaaaaaaa ! :D

look how terrible my teeth are .
now you think i shall get ortho treatment . herh !
before this steel is put on ,
the dentist put some kind of letter-O rubber between my big teeth . *not front teeth
its round and is Aqua color . small size and there's 7 rubbers .

that time , fuhhhhhh !
whatever food i put in my mouth must be hurtful .
i can barely talk too . gosh its miserable :'(

by the way , baby NATALIE is 4 months old NOW ! :)
she's rounder , bigger and naughtier =,=
hahaha , will update her pictures soon .

I'll be back ! >:D