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i'm addicted to some songs and movies recently.
i've found out that oldies are the best : )))
but i like newies too. LOL.
like Boys 2 Men- End of the road.
it was like, going back to 80's :'(

well, i'm feeling wanna listen to Touch My Hand by David Archuleta.
LOL. wad happen to me???
and i'm feeling like going back to my old life.
Piano once more? i can't just forget the notes i played :'(
ballade pour adeline's notes always appear in my mind lol.

and for the movie, i'm thinking that if i have a chance to the cinema,
i wanna watch resident evil as well.
as you can see, this movie is quite violent,
well, i'm here to tell you, I LOVE VIOLENCE! *muahaha
ekhmm, that's not the main point.

clever girl.
what is the time now?
leaving to bera for training tomorrow.
i'm so x5 lazy to pack lol.
i'm not feeling wanna go too :'(
i wanna stay at home.
i doesn't wanna go there and see their faces anymore.
they are making me ill. yii ! pergi jauh2 la = =
malas nak tengok muke u yg 'comel' tu. lolz.
hate them so much :'(

that's all.

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