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click hype on :)

ask lahh.


went to a wedding dinner last Saturday.
with my family. hee! : )
nothing special. simple dressup. *rush lol
felt disappointed with their food. hrrrmmm : (

sistaaaaa. : ))
*black and white lol.

start camwhore with my brother.
* let's start with rock n roll!

then the weird one :-*

with the bride.
isn't she beautifuLLLL : )
*she keep saying that i'm tall =,=
*thankiuu :') [this pica is a reject lol]

seltakingggg. *hrmm hrmm : )

just start selftakingg. arghh.
here comes the prom queen =X

nehh. join u sekali laa. : )


just copying her laa : ((

simple simple. laalaa~

she want also lol : )

my mother's friend.
she said i'm bored selftaking alone.
and she wanna join me too : )

teenagers ROCKS!

my bro suddenly said quick capture for 3 picas.
*just put the first one.
the 2nd and 3rd were disasters.

last but not least, the gedik oneeee :-*

teehee : )
this holiday sucks man.
gonna miss this week's school-ing day lagi.
got game this Friday. nahh.
not very important game actually.
just have fun there. ponteng school lagi : )))
going to school next monday.
hope that i can pay for the Gala dinner in time.
God bless me :'(

Amituofo :'(

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