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at hostel damn bored.
nothing to do except :
1. sleep
2. wear uniform to school
3. eat then go school
4. homeworks
5. eat again
6. get ready for training
7. bath
8. eat again and again
9. chit-chat in the room
10. sometimes if lucky can online
11. sometimes got art homework
12. supper (congratz that i'm a superb fatty right now)
13. listen to the radio
14. read any comic or maybe selftake if i'm in mood to do so
15. sleep again.

that's my daily routine lol. (looks like somethings missing?!)
ROFL. every monday, gym. sometimes if gym is available.

well, of course selftake is the best.
without camera or handphone, our life were just like .. colourless

we're so bored kay.
i'm so angry sometimes just because i'm too bored.
i might bite someone lolz. but i didn't.
i will just shake my friends, kacau them. but they didn't show any respond.
(that's why i'm more pek cek)
well, gtg.
siu bao and egg tart are waiting for me : )



exam is coming.
quite nervous. hello??
it's just ujian penilaian 5..
we have to take this exam every month.
just in SMTPPTM.
noob lo.
zzz. Why is it have to take exam every month?? lolz. skip.

Mandy is crazy with Aino recently.
She keep asking us whether white or black is better. Lolz.
Not only us, she even asked sir loo whether he likes white or black.
Well, she's going to take it tomorrow.
and of course, skipped the training at the same time.
give a big Clap!!! *Clap~

Dear Mei yan..
she's having her trial this week.
Wish her good luck : ))
and Sally is sick too.
hope she recover soon :'(

well, it's just a short post.
getting lazy-er and lazy-er~
bye : )))


watched two movies at the same day.
haha. AWESOME!

first and ever, The Last Airbender.
as i said in facebook, (if you are one of my friend,)
i met my friend there in ECM.
And we watched the same movie in the same cinema too! YAY!
it is the animated series -> reality human acting. COOL!
the animated series can be watched in Nickelodeon.
but i don't think so it's still available. LALALA~
its the AVATAR.

i'm so regret for not watching as my brother told me to.
LOL. mwahahahaha.

And now,
the movie i've been talking about......

The Last Airbender!

this story was about......

* Air, Water, Earth, Fire. 4 nations tied by destiny when the Fire Nations , a.k.a the bad ones, launches a brutal war against the others. A century has passed with no hope in sight to change the path of this destruction. Caught between combat and courage, Aang discovers he is the lone Avatar to manipulate all four elements. Aang teams with Katara, a Waterbender, and her brother, Sokka, to restore balance to their wartorn world.

Based on the hugely successful Nickelodeon animated TV series, the live-action future film, 'The Last Airbender' is the opening chapter in Aang's struggle to survive.*

Yeah, the Sokka is the one from the Twilight.
Alice's boyfriend.
so, do subscribe this movie at the nearby cinema around you. Hurry up okay!

oh right, the next movie.
恋爱通告。Love In Disguise.

Lee Hom is sooo handsome!
although someone says that he is 40+ now.
that's so not true.
he is just around 34 this year okay.

this movie says lots about traditional chinese musical instruments.
like Er Hu, Pi Pa, haha. I don't know much about those things actually.
but i'm so in love with musics. Like piano, violin and so on. LOLz.
Nowadays parents love to bring their children to music classes, to increase their knowledge and know more about musics.
oh yeah, my parents did. And i love it. Thanks mami n dadi :')
but that was not enough.
we, the chinese-s, have lots of historical stories like san guo everything.
the er hu things is one of them.
they are extinct-ing. LOL. my english is damn poor de :'(
we must teach the young ones to know more about these.
anyone who knows these things please teach me too.
coz i'm one of the young ones : )
sama saja. haha

what leehom did is GOOD GOOD GOOD!
i love him. and so do you right?
everyone knows that he is a very talented+good-looking man,
is he your dream man? LOL. dont be bodoh la. dream kay.
then you have to catch up this movie in the cinema now!
his new release songs, i'm not going to upload the vid here.
i'm waiting for you to go watch it yourself.
that's all for today.


*happy 100 posts *yay!


went for appointment just now.
i'm so excited that i'm going to do braces soon : )
but my dad maks me wait for an hour,
i know i wasn't his fault.
but i'm quite frust and i'm SO late for the appointment :'(


once i reached there,
my god.
silence. I hear nothing except those buzzing machines' noise.
but i'm not going to do the braces straight away.
the dentist want me to go treatment everytime after i did the braces thing.
he says that it needs a tini-tiny-mini surgery.
are you kidding me?
i didn't do any surgery before kay.
so i'm quite nervous. the dentist keep asking me confirm or not. DAMMIT.
my daddy sitting there. showing innocent look. walao eh. make me more hard to decide la. ><
and finally. OF COURSE YES!
i'm so gonna do it!
make my teeth look nice ya! DR.THUMB-SUCKING!


♫ нαppy вιятн∂αy ♫

to: sooooooooooooooooooooo many people today : )))

sorry for not updating my blog recently.

quite busy nowadays.

will update if i'm free. perhaps la.

bye : ))))


wish me good luck in the final tomorrow :')