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well, my sister and i went to Gambang Water park ♥
i mean, with her boyfriend's family, along,
last Sept 11. (i forgot which day)
i will just describe the picas.
take a look at it properly kay.

*she's the prom queen,
seeing her MAGAZINE~

view from our CABANA : )

there she comes!

play till so wet huh?
unfortunately i can't play with them : (

changed her shirt. LOL
*star meh

nehh. selftake =X

their stuffs. ahaha.
*i wonder why she brought that chicky along

the milo we drank : )

*langsung tak ice lol.

CoCo Beach. (my dog's beach lol)
*its a man-made beach. got waves sumtimes : )

and off to the slides! wohoo
*ignore the telematch pool. its just a simple rectangular pool

this is the best!
i've been playing this slides for more than 3 times lol.

and i love the way it SLIDES! rock n slide!

this slides is for 3 people and above.
ride it with your family : )
*see? it is fully damaged. but still idc alotof ppl going.
(still safe okay)


the TUBES.
*its not free. it costs RM10+ for a tube. (not for sale)

the KIDs area.
*bring your kids here and play however they want,
and you take a good rest at the cabana : )

blah blah blah. Journey of ice.

oh yeah! my favourite part.
the Piranha! (the small one)

now this is the big one.
*it waits until the water to fill up,
a lot of people waiting down there and....

the people down there : )

that's all.
and yeah.
just discovered some funny videos,
thanks my listener for introducing it to me.
its damn funny de weihh!
cute, cute and CUTE!

the chimpanzee so smart de weihh!
and the dog with a backpack.
both so cute : )
thanks for the intro listener.
very appreciate it. hee! :)

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