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ask lahh.


hey faker !
viewing my blogg ? *terasa?
yaa ! it's you !
the one who FAKES in front of me.
you got two faces right ?
one is at the front, another one at the BACK.
which used for BACKstabbing and BACKBITING.
no no no no no,
four faces perhaps.
because there's another two faces at both sides of your heads too !

eaaa, maybe some of my wordss hurt you,
but that doesn't mean that i've change ?
i'm not. but YOU DO.
you such a FAKE person.
i no longer recognize you anymoree.

you're such a b**ch !
remember what you had said to me ?
and now what ?
pretending that you didn't say anything AT ALL ?
because you are my friend.
ahhh, whatever laa.
i don't have this kind of friend.
friend in need is a friend indeed,
friend not in need just throw it into rubbish bin.

i don't wanna say anymore.
later you terasa till DON'T WANT TO TALK TO ME.
i've got lotssssss of thingss to say.
i just don't wanna tell it in such a PUBLIC place.
i'll just tell someone who really there for me.
who always support me, by my side,
never gonna leave me, that is my real friend,


wassupppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp !
blogggg : (((
i think its dead. yahh.
i'm quite..................not quite, VERY busy lately, preparing for the un16 game,
the result wasn't really satisfied me enough.
but...niahhhh... i did my best,, not
i'm here to apologizeee to everyoneeeeeeeeee,
who i disappoint a lot,,
i'm SORRY okay.

well, my teammatess,
we've been through a lot of thingss and problems together,
tears everywheree,
we argue, scolding each other, blahblahblahblahblah.

we had fun too :)
training together, lame jokes make us laugh out loud together,
everything we did give us uncountable memoriessss.
i wish the same thing happen next year,
so that THIS team will become stronger. *or not

nahh. nonsensee,
3rd---Terengganu and Kelantan
4th---Terengganu and Kelantan


not satisfieddddd.
i'm so gonna take everything back !
un14 ! *at batu pahat, johor



leaving soon.
gonna miss my homeeee lifeeeeeee againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :'(


it's been this
l'ooooooooooooooooooooooooo'ng time
i didn't update my blog already.
i'm quite busy nowadays, preparing for the BIG DAY.
*the tournament we've been training FOR.

idk why i'm so stressed recently.
it makes me wanna grab something and just throw it away or burn it up ! *over
and if i started to feel that,
i will turn on my phone's music player,
*to listen to this song, please listen to the 3rd song in my playlist TQ :)

due to an immense boredom that makes me feel like wanna commite suicide,
i often play the keyboard in the next room *its mine :)
thankss to my dear friend, Tee Ying,
for bringing some music 'note' book for meeeee :)
i appreciate it so muchhh !
just to color my life with some music thingieeee

about the tournament,
far far x5 away from mentakab weih !!
at kuantan. ==
so EXCITED ! not.
ermmm. how can i describe the place of the game ?
ada kat area perumahan, tempat yang boleh dikatakan pedalaman, *sdnly use bm
ermmm, near my school (SMKTPPTM) *what a long name, duhh
the place is called IM1, short form for indera mahkota 1,
andddddd bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. *not important okayy ?

sure nervousssss lol.
why can't it be in Sarawak or somewhere else further than here leeeeeh ?
ishhhh ! my whole family 101% come and watch me.
mama sure bring her cheerleading squad,
dadi sure bring his 'hon' along *the loud one used for penjual buah yang naik moto
sister sure bring her friends along to support,
schoolmates must be attending, giving unlimited supports.
OMG !it must be so embarassing if they saw me falling down : (

stop those nonsenseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !
keep my mouth shuttttttttttttttt !
just work hard.
hope that i can bring back a 1st runner up. *donwan champion lol
bless me for it ! *amituofoooooo.

you text-ed me.
i've read it.
sorry not to reply you.
ermm, i mean, sorry idk what to reply you.
yeaaa. i'm a jerk.
we can be friendss. can we ?
yeahhh ! then greet me if you saw me.
okay ? deal ?
OKAYYYY ! i wish to greet you to.
we still can be ordinary friends like others do, duhh.

ermmm, what else ? oh yeah !
our school had just launch an eventttt.
ahahaa. majlis apresiasi idkdcwhateveritis,
ermmm. its some kind of giving anugerah to usssss. hee : )

doesn't make any sense right ?
ignoree clumsy us.

ermm. i have nothing left to say. maybe next time :)