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Are vampires suck?

Oh yeah, they are.
They are suck+suck=double suck. I don't like vampires. Vampires, vampires, vampires. Why are they always talking about vampires? Can't they just skipped this vampires topic and talked about other evils? Hello~! Do you know what real vampires ar? They aren't really looks like Edward.(maybe some of them are)

Vampires suck blood.
Everyone knows that. Yewwwwwwwwww. Won't you vomit looking at those red flesh on someone's neck? That's sucks. Can you imagine that a vampire with a handsome look, going to kiss you but he didn't? Well, that is the freakiest part. I often watch movies like vampires assistant and so on idontcare vampire movies, all of them looked so pale. I mean SO pale. Although some of them are black, but i really don't like those freaky non-fed look appeared in my sight. They even SPARKLES under the sun! OMG. What is that huh? Real vampires don't have sparkles duhh. You can wikipedia or google it to find out.

According to the movie Twilight, Edward Cullens is indeed a hottie. But Jacob is hotter than you. Grr* I wonder if all vampires are the same. Then I'm so sure that Edward doesn't like to eat garlic : ) Back to the topic kay. Lousy vampires. My god! One more reason, they do no sleep. What the..?? They watch us when we're sleeping. And they run very fast too. Becareful of trees la. Werewolves are better. YAY for Jacob! Well, what do you think about vampires? You love Edward huh? if you don't like this post you can just move your mouse, move the arrow to the top right of the screen and press 'X'. If you're with me, then Cheer up! because..



Can't wait to watch this. This is an epic+funny movie. Oh yeah, like the Scary Movie-s.

Epic Movie. It is so 'epicly-epic'. ROFLOLz.

the Date Movie. Andy makes me sick. (right hand side in black dress.)

Dance Flick. Even Hairspray is dancing in Dance Flick. LOLz

Well, i'm one of these 'epicly-epic' movies' fan. And i'm not gonna miss Vampires Suck too. The fake Edward is kinda handsome : ) -ROAR*


well, the good news is,

we're the CHAMP!
hmm, its a must.
if not..(we're losers if we're not. And its time to say BYE.)
Luckily we did win the game.
mwahaha. and its a training-game indeed : )
i doesn't really mean that they are weak or whatever.
But its really like...ahh
don't say dy. skip skip skip~

This competition lasts during the weekends.
Mandy, Sally, Myan and I were one of the 3PG members.
3PG= Panglima Perang Padang Gruda,
they shortcut-kan to 3-PG.
Pn Fatimah is our coach.
And yeah. The sitting one without any coaching and just fetching us there and back.
Hey! She fetch us there, okay, just 4 of us.
but when she fetch us back to the hostel,
OH MY !@#$%&*
in the car,


2. 3.
4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9.


and me : )

how many huh?
11 rite?
if i'm not mistaken : )
in a PAJERO.
imagine how am i gonna sit. LOLz.

Mandy brought her laptop there.
So that we won't be that boring while waiting our match to start nia.

We even brought a bag.
A bag not to put our things.
but to put our junk food : )
and we took some picas too : )


mandy + sally.

sir fong.

me and my missing sock :'(

three of them : )


oh yeah~ champion.
proud pulak~ ><
yeah, special thanks to my friends who supported me. Especially my listener: ) He supports me and advised me. I'm so happy I met a good listener like him. I'm proud too. =D

thanks to you : )


lalala~ the sales lasts for 5 days.
Well, seldom have this kind of activity and it is SO HAPPENING here.
And it is a BIGGGGG SALE!
Me and Mandy had a photoshot there.
It was awesome! Here are some pictures to see : ))

i'm not a model.

she IS a model.

athletes don't use handbag.
we use BALLBAG!

one of the example. =]

back to the topic.

choosing some girly stuff.

what kind of handbag is this?
isn't it cute? : ))

hi : )

hi x2 : ))

Shh! Everybody is looking at us!

Teehee : ) That is the cutest one =x

Pretend that you are sleeping okay!

Like this : )

Let's COOK! ^^

Hell's Kitchen. Lalala

there's some bread in the plastic if you are hungry =D

nice onee : )))))
the cup*

*little stinky X (

smelly little stinky. =X

hey! we're soooo NOOB.

oh yeah! xD


We went to the undies corner.
And it was soooooooooo many people looking at us.
Of course! Peoples were busy buying stuffs and we're like photoshoting there.


Although it was embarrasing,
But we didn't missed the BRA-ZONE too : )

i'm not kinda like this colour la : (

This colour was BRATASTIC!
but it is not modern and teenage enough :'(


now this is the hottest one .
LOVE it.
modern enough. look so young : )


Mandy fall in love with her.

it's time to have some dinner. : ))
oh look!
there's something selling outside!
Let's have a look : ))

it's A&W!


A&W on the RIDE : )

tian's slippers.
(exchanged vf him =])


i fall deeply in love with this perfume.
Nicole Richie use this perfume and it is the best among the best.
although i prefer Roxy
but once again,,