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went to KL for my father's friend open house.
although it's a boring trip, and idk why i wanted so much to follow,
but its surely the best house i've ever seen!
i didn't take any picas of the house, but the design was fantastic!
*only orang yang kaya kaya stay these place lol.
on the way, what i did was just sleep : )

once i reached there, PARADISE.
all kinds of food. biscuits + cookies, laksa, rendang and lots of any other food.
lolx. what i remember the most is the laksa. SWEET! it tastes S
nahh. after having my meal, off to the living room, i mean, a living room, sit there, and do nothing. as i said, it was boring there. i've nothing to do but camwhore : )
i took ONE pica. lolz.

yaa. really the ONE and only pica i took. ngek.
*except the selftake picas laa. that one other kira lol.
hmm. and play PSP, and i fell asleep -,-

nahh, i've nothing much left to say.
i waited for four hours. just to watch bunkface on TV!
i waited since 10pm. and finally i saw bunkface! hell yeah!
SHOUT! Awards lol. and they performed live singing Revolusi.
i'm an idiot. * high alone in the living room
and the next day, i watched them performing live on TV, again,
bunkface vs hujan.
lol. so obvious that bunkface gonna win. ngek : ) *in your face!
situasi in piano version. SMART weihh! nice boom!
i wonder if they will come to perform in kuantan.
ngek. *keep on dreaming, don't forget dreams may come true : )

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