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ask lahh.


at hostel damn bored.
nothing to do except :
1. sleep
2. wear uniform to school
3. eat then go school
4. homeworks
5. eat again
6. get ready for training
7. bath
8. eat again and again
9. chit-chat in the room
10. sometimes if lucky can online
11. sometimes got art homework
12. supper (congratz that i'm a superb fatty right now)
13. listen to the radio
14. read any comic or maybe selftake if i'm in mood to do so
15. sleep again.

that's my daily routine lol. (looks like somethings missing?!)
ROFL. every monday, gym. sometimes if gym is available.

well, of course selftake is the best.
without camera or handphone, our life were just like .. colourless

we're so bored kay.
i'm so angry sometimes just because i'm too bored.
i might bite someone lolz. but i didn't.
i will just shake my friends, kacau them. but they didn't show any respond.
(that's why i'm more pek cek)
well, gtg.
siu bao and egg tart are waiting for me : )

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