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went for appointment just now.
i'm so excited that i'm going to do braces soon : )
but my dad maks me wait for an hour,
i know i wasn't his fault.
but i'm quite frust and i'm SO late for the appointment :'(


once i reached there,
my god.
silence. I hear nothing except those buzzing machines' noise.
but i'm not going to do the braces straight away.
the dentist want me to go treatment everytime after i did the braces thing.
he says that it needs a tini-tiny-mini surgery.
are you kidding me?
i didn't do any surgery before kay.
so i'm quite nervous. the dentist keep asking me confirm or not. DAMMIT.
my daddy sitting there. showing innocent look. walao eh. make me more hard to decide la. ><
and finally. OF COURSE YES!
i'm so gonna do it!
make my teeth look nice ya! DR.THUMB-SUCKING!

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