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exam is coming.
quite nervous. hello??
it's just ujian penilaian 5..
we have to take this exam every month.
just in SMTPPTM.
noob lo.
zzz. Why is it have to take exam every month?? lolz. skip.

Mandy is crazy with Aino recently.
She keep asking us whether white or black is better. Lolz.
Not only us, she even asked sir loo whether he likes white or black.
Well, she's going to take it tomorrow.
and of course, skipped the training at the same time.
give a big Clap!!! *Clap~

Dear Mei yan..
she's having her trial this week.
Wish her good luck : ))
and Sally is sick too.
hope she recover soon :'(

well, it's just a short post.
getting lazy-er and lazy-er~
bye : )))

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