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=>♥Sunway+Final Destination 4♥<=

hmm....go Sunway oo~ (tis holiday~)$

wakaka~fun bur~ go thr by bus~ tis bus ar~ 40+ ppl lurr~ (41 ppl~ xD)$

veli fun xia~ sit vf my gor~ infront is Alfred n dun0 who~$

behind is two girl i duno wad is their name~$

hmm...go thr ar~ gt sleep xia lurr~sienz mah~$

b4 go i sms Wyncent ady~ call he wait at thr~ i meet him thr~$

thn mah go lurr~ reach thr oni hor~ jiu go ice skating oo= =$

thn i go down buy ticket~ on the way hor~ i see up~ see dao a ppl like Wyncent~ i jiu dun care lurr~$

thn he call me~ ask me is the one who wear mask or not? i say yeah~sure is me~ wakaka~ $

thn jiu wait lurr~ he wait~ i skate mine de~ long time no skates ady make my leg si beh hurt...TT$

thn skate one hour jiu dun wan skate ady= =$

aikss...suan bah~ thn jiu go SUSHI KING eat sushi~(if not eat wad= =)$

after eat jiu go buy muvee ticket lur~ i wan watch FINAL DESTINATION 4~bt my gor dun wan watch~$

suan lurr~ me n Wyncent watch lurr~ 2.45pm de mu v ticket= = wait dao

thn go walk around~ go asian avenue see magic~(see 3 times ady~same magic lagi tim~)$

thn go find slim cut jeans~ thn go see tis see tat~(din find dao slim cut jeans...= =not nice de~)$

thn~ go tat new de Sunway see xia~ go POPULAR see CD~~hear songs~ gt try hear songs de wor!!$

hmm...thn jiu 1:45pm oni wor= = jiu go ARCADE see xia lorr~$

Wyncent fair shui lorr~ say he drive dao very geng de~(Initial D wa= =)$

sui bian him wan say wad lurr~ thn jiu see tis see tat~(again= =)$

thn jiu 2:40pm ady~go into da cinema ready ready xia lurr~ $

actually lak~ juz now buy ticket tat tie cut line de~ straight go to the counter buy wa= =(geng mah me xD)$

wah~ watch liao h0r~~ they all DIE dao gou 'wue' er.....>< yiiiiiii~~~$

i see dao oso wan vomit ady~ yikes! DEATH CAFEINE wa~ hahaha~tat mu v de ppl like to go de~$ finish ady~ Wyncent wan go bak ady lurr~ (buai Wyncent~ TT)$

hmm..thn me jiu go find my bro lurr~ thn v go find Sin Hui they all~ dai B de~ go toilet take pic wa we all~$

cute hor? thn hungry ady~ find place eat~$

hmm...go Ichiban Ramen(dun wan) go BBQ Plaza(dun wan) go KFC(me dunwan~ haha) go McD(reject)$

hmm...lastly find bu dao~ thn me suddenly see dao Kenny Rogers wor~ (yahoo~)$

me beh tahan ady~ jiu go thr eat l0r~ they all oso agree~ $

me eat finish ady~ jiu go walk alone at Markeesh lurr~ (duno spell correct or no--)$

hmm...thr damn sienzz...zzz= =$

aikss...lastly~ its about 8:50 pm ady~ thn we go out lurr~ wait bus~ kanasai! bus de shadow oso din see dao! wan see bus lagi= = cheh~$

thn wait l0rr~ s0 sienzz...mah go Sunway Pyramid Hotel de toilet take pic lorr~ haha~$

hmm...lastly~bus oso sampai ady~ jiu go bak ady lurr~ buai buai SUNWAY~~muackxxxx$



  1. write so many for wat la..=.=..dunno wat u talking

  2. aduii~ thn mah see pic lurr~
    understand jiu hao~ ^^