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>pass two days get dao my things ady lurr~<
>tis time many xia wor~<
>hmm...i get my new shirt~new cutie band~new socks~new necklace and my new eyelash~< >haha~ shirt n socks sibeh cute~color eyelash n cutie band play at skul~ kaka~<
> i wan tat 便当 eh~~so Q oo tat one~<
> bt din buy dao...lost my money...TT < >hmm...yesterday play comp~ after play jiu let my sis play mah~<
>thn gt two users mah~one is mine de~<
>thn she play the other one de l0rr~<
>duno kena virus or wad lak...all files gone ady wor?(include her favourite Hanakimi Mu v)< >hmm...thn she jiu say me make dao tat comp gt virus lorr...<
>bt my user nth bur? no lost dao anything bur?<
>thn she say wan delete everything in my user wa==<
>i straight scold her call her dun touch oo==<
>thn jiu go inside de room ady...(BAM D DOOR!)<
>aikss...tats the end...<
>bt the next day..comp ok ady...(sei ye==)<


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