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damn it , the exam is killing me .
keep studying day and night ,
24 hours without sleeping , eating , and bath !freaking miserable !
i don't even have chance to wash my hair !
and it stinks ! :'(
nahhh , cut the crap .
well , not really studying actually .
just want to relax myself , for this whole week .

don't wanna give too much pressure on me .

hrmmm ,

now , movies .



Nasi Lemak 2.0


Johnny English Reborn ,


well , the movies above were just awesome !
i've watched them and i'm thinking of watching them ALL OVER AGAAAAAIN !

nahh , Johnny English is so hilarious that i'm just laughing from the beginning of the movie till the end of it .
ermmm , the loudest was me i think :D

As a matter of fact , I don't want to watch this Johnny movie at first ,
I was thinking if Rowan Atkinson act as other character than MrBean ,
that movie is the worst movie ever !

then i was mistaken .
my boo was like saying how good this movie was ,
how funny Rowan Atkinson act as Johnny English , just like MrBean .
then I end up watching it with him and his sister , Juslin .
i am so NOT REGRET .
BEST MOVIE EVER ! *muahmuah

eventually , after watching the movie ,
i told him that I am sorry for the earlier intractability .

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