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late late late night now . *not that late actually

i just can't sleep :'(
he is not home yet and i will never go to sleep until his body touches the bed .
i'm not sleeping with him kay ,
well detailly ,
he is playing computer games right now ,
and he have to leave at 7am tomorrow morning .
its about 1am now and he is still outside .

imma KILL him .
but i love him . *crap lagi

whateva .

last week , on 13th of Oct ,
WE also known as Siew Wai , Tee Chai Xiu , Lee Man Hinn , and the unfamous ME ,
went to Johor Bahru to visit Syan Lee .
so excited but there was error and some problems during
the journey but NEVERMIND.
as long as it did not cause any delay or whatsoever .
we did had a lot of fun there ,
staying at Syan's place ,
and she brought us to eat some awesome food around . *awesome cewahh

Landed in City Square , walked our feet to some amazing stores which sell lots of spectacular tops and pants with inexpensive prices . *fuhh ayat
and in the middle of nowhere , we spotted this .

we were trying so hard to look like it , epic failed .

kay ,
then moved on our ass to the food floor due to the growling tummy screaming for food .
as planned earlier , we step in to a restaurant named Stonegrill .

from left :
1. Chicken Grill
2. Salmon Grill
3. Lamb Grill
4. two TOMYAM ,
i) Dong Hoon *HaHa
only understand if you watch Running man
ii) Mee Hoon

Gambar-gambar lain ,
apa pandang-pandang ?

ijustdontunderstandwhyhestilllookgoodinanyangle ?

okay , after shutting up the tummies , Syan started the car's engine and spin the wheel to our next stop , Danga Bay .

In fact , I'm so damn lazy right now and I know you are sick of reading my craps isn't it ?
so I'll just let the pictures talk . *blablabla

LAST but not least ,

with my boo

okay now , heavy eyelids are covering my sight .
i can't see anything but Dreamland .
sorry but I have to board the SleepAirlines now.
chao !

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