per day.

click hype on :)

ask lahh.


finally !
it's holiday !
freedom for a busy girl like me ! :D

nehhh, stop the nonsense =,=
in a very bad mood now,
gonna kill anyone who makes me angry,
gonna slap, smack, kick, stomp on anyone sahaja.
better becareful. *macam la hebat sangat
moody laaa :(
end of the moody topic. *tetiba end of the moody topic

oh yea ! btw, my sista is getting married in two days time.
i'm assisbride, pengapit laaa, google search if still don't know =,=
gonna be pretty pretty pretty :)
but can't be more pretty than my sister,
later kena pijak by dia. =,=

gonna get ready for the day after tomorrow ! :D
gonna make ah hon (sista's future husband) suffer ! mwahahahaha ! *bapok jahat
play him till he surrender ! >:D
muka evil gila ! ahahaa

miss sorlou so muchhhhhhhhhh :(
sick jor ahhhh, take care tau ?!
don't let sorpor worried :(
and and and ! go singapore take care too !
drink lots of water ! don't simply eat those fried things.
weather nowadays are tak sure, sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny.
don't walk here walk there and get lost ahh !
don't miss sorpor ahh :'(
*don't gap lui i tell you =3=
and of courseeeeeee,


a lot more to update,
gonna update the genting and KL thinggiee :)

nights everyone

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