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Last friday, my friend, sorloulee, and I went to Genting and KL together.
We went there by his sister, Swai Lee, boyfriend's car.
Not only us, Pui Yee, Boon Ly, Boon Yi and others were there to join us too.
It was fun ! :)
The journey started at around 1-2am if i'm not mistaken.
i slept all the way long.
end of part 1.

We reached there at around 4-5am,
and had our earliest and not-so-best breakfast, MarryBrown :)
we walked around but there's nothing to play + eat.
We went separate ways as they were going to play themselves,
while sorlou and I walked alone. :D
duhh ! stop the essay writing style ! >:(

okayy, then,
while waiting for the 'Kao Di Gua' stall to open,
we walked around and had our brunch,
at 'Hou Mei', 好味 if i'm not wrong :D

sorlou had his horfun, damn nice !
and i ordered a bowl of porridge, which is 10x nicer than his,
but i can't finish it. :(
stomachache attacked all of a sudden !
not only me, he was suffering from the pain too.
i could feel the pain after eating a spoon of the porridge.
yea, i stopped eating it halfway.

but then,
we walked outside and saw those people playing flying coaster derr -,-
bapok best !
but didn't get a chance to play due to some problems caused by the stupid stomach. :'<
and of course, 'KAO DI GUA' !
it's Baked Sweet Potatoes.
didn't take any pictures of it cos i was busying eating it. :)

nananana :)
then meet them again,
jalan to the car park and straight away to KL :)

Next, we went to Berjaya Times Square to meet Syan,
and Square :)
We karaoke at Neway and sang for minimum 2 hours ! whoa !
Unfortunately siew wai couldn't make it with us because she was going to watch Jay Chou Concert with her boyfie, Puiyee, and othersssss.
woooootss !
Fine ! We continue enjoy our time :D

credits to jiahaw and syan

credits to jiahaw and syan
and me + sorlou

Esther's birthday is around the corner and we had celebrate it earlier.
Sorry that we couldn't celebrate it on the day of your birthday,

but at least we were there to accompany you :)

another wish from me, HAPPYBIRTHDAY !

after the singing session, we walked about times square~
into some shops to see clothes, and of course,
we selftook :)

then we went to One-Utama, just loitering around,
and spotted something cute ! :)

well, then we had our late-dinner at 'Hou Gai Fong',
a food court with lots of lots of delicious food !
i ordered a bowl of mushroom pork noodles, and pity the mushrooms,
i didn't even touch one of them =3= * i don't eat mushroom

after satisfying my stomach, jiahaw drove us to Esther's house to take a bath.
it was almost midnight ! we didn't bath for almost a day !
damn my hair and face boleh goreng ikan ady. WTF -,-
and finally, a clean refresh look ! *ahhhh
baru lah segar sikit ! :D
then chit chat a while with all of them,
they are friendly ! very friendly !

before sending me and sorlou to siew wai,
we still had some time to yamcha and witness Esther's magic !
Incredible ! How she did it ?
OMG ! that was amazing !
learn a bit from her and i'll show you guys how to do it ! :)

then six of us order same drink,
iaitu teh 3 lapis, three layers tea, 三色奶茶。
nahhhh, tak payah mention that =3=

then off we go .
back home, kuantan.
i really had a great time with you guys,,
hope you guys invite me again for the next trip :)
thank you for giving me a good memory with you guys.

that's all.
gonna get ready for my sister's wedding tomorrow.
a busy night tonight !
chao :)


*all photos above were taken by JiaHaw Sotsot*

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