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hey !
remember what i mentioned long long time ago about my holiday trip ?
yeap ! INDON it is ! :D

1st, to JOHOR .
and saw The Mighty Banana.

*look how mighty it is.

then, reach the imigresen place, idk what it's called,
waiting for the ferry to come :D
i brought my bear along ! :D
meet Hoga ! :D

then off to the ferry !
before that, we went to a place, sumkind of grocery shop ? wateva
and bought some ice-cream potong-s ! :D
oh yeaa. you can see Singapore !

spot s'pore ?

and inside the boatttttttt , colddddddddddddd !

when i reached there, the firsttt spot.
we had our lunch here. look how amazing those food are.

*why don't they do like this in malaysia?

after eatty eatty, then off to the HOTEL !
it's quite okayy. not as i expected, but still better than nothing :D
yeaa, beside the hotel, there's a big big big big carrefour !
and when i reached there, i spotted this !

*a unicorn muntah pelangi

urkkk !
went to pasarmalam at niteee :)
hey hey.
indonesia can sell fireworks anywhere !
without kena saman !

*they teach us how to play facebook !
bapak rahmat !

    wooppps ! it's getting late !

seafood is the best in Batam.
went to have seafood as our dinner that night ! :)

*ignore noob us

then tomorrow morning's breakfastttt.
duhh, malaysia's breakfast is soooooooooooooooo much better !

nehh. just have it at the hotel.
even the bread taste different than our's lol.
and i found something really weird !

*notice ?

then went to some kind of place that i had forgotten its name, blahblahblah
There's Guan Yin !

and the sea,

and me :D

of course dadi and mami also included ! :)

heyyy ! going for a ride ?
rode on my car babeh !

*xiaoway's car !

and after that,
its time to go back to where i belong.
and return back to the passport-checking-place.
ohh ! my daddy bought my polo-tee here !

and when we reached malaysia,
they had to fetch me back to kuantan straight away,
cause its Sunday =3=
then stopped for awhile at JOHOR to eat something.
fishballlllllllss ! :)

and this .

the best ever !
its crispy outside and soft inside !
absolutely deliciousoooooo ! :D


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