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click hype on :)

ask lahh.

g t v

*mah sista. ignore her stupid leg

City Rangers !
its a tournament launch in Shah Alam, KL,,
its a charity game for one of my sister's friend,,
for her leg surgery,, *ifimnotmistaken
well, like jessie said,, a pupil got two legs oni,, tak boleh digantikan.
*although using fakes one, but still..................................fakeisfake.

i'm here too !
Hi me :D
*me and jessie on the burning spot.

nahhhhh,, just to gain experience here,
see how they organize a tournament,
how they make everything go smoothly without any mistake or

tired lah. update more when i'm free.
gonna sleep noww.
tata lovess.
nitess yaww

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