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click hype on :)

ask lahh.


well, the good news is,

we're the CHAMP!
hmm, its a must.
if not..(we're losers if we're not. And its time to say BYE.)
Luckily we did win the game.
mwahaha. and its a training-game indeed : )
i doesn't really mean that they are weak or whatever.
But its really like...ahh
don't say dy. skip skip skip~

This competition lasts during the weekends.
Mandy, Sally, Myan and I were one of the 3PG members.
3PG= Panglima Perang Padang Gruda,
they shortcut-kan to 3-PG.
Pn Fatimah is our coach.
And yeah. The sitting one without any coaching and just fetching us there and back.
Hey! She fetch us there, okay, just 4 of us.
but when she fetch us back to the hostel,
OH MY !@#$%&*
in the car,


2. 3.
4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9.


and me : )

how many huh?
11 rite?
if i'm not mistaken : )
in a PAJERO.
imagine how am i gonna sit. LOLz.

Mandy brought her laptop there.
So that we won't be that boring while waiting our match to start nia.

We even brought a bag.
A bag not to put our things.
but to put our junk food : )
and we took some picas too : )


mandy + sally.

sir fong.

me and my missing sock :'(

three of them : )


oh yeah~ champion.
proud pulak~ ><
yeah, special thanks to my friends who supported me. Especially my listener: ) He supports me and advised me. I'm so happy I met a good listener like him. I'm proud too. =D

thanks to you : )

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