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my dad went to dinner at AWANA jz now..
he said tat everyone there have a chance to write whether Spain or Switz win..
and win how much lar~everyone wrote that spain wins...
1-0 2-0 3-0 etc..including my father..
after that~
ta-daa~ switzerland won 1-0....
everybody got shocked and thought that there was no winner liaw de..
but..beside my dadi got one person who duno how to see ball...
wrote "switzerland 1-0"..
mwahahahahahahaha~ he's the only one who wrote that~
thn he won a football, world cup T-shirt and 10 tickets to watch perfomance at genting..RM50 each..
( he gave one to my dadi =] )
he is a smart smart guy~ he sit beside my dadi oni..
my dadi ask lor..why he will write like tat...
he said :
"aiyo...i duno how to see de...i think maybe switzerland beside england..wah~ maybe geng xia wor~ thn i mah write lor~^^"

deng him ==

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