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wao~ can't wait lor~
my new skul's SPORTS DAY!
oh yeah~~~
ngek~2day~i stayback after school for long jump event mah~
thn change shirt ady straight away go pagar sekolah..
thn wait until 3:30pm oni go long jump..

* left-hand side 1 is akif, right-hand side 1 is fahmie : )

whn i go out..
i saw Fahmie, Akif and PK..
say hi lor vf thm..
fahmi ar fahmi~ u r so cute~~~~
: ))))))))))
his short..err..xD
he has tiger tooth too : )
comelnyee die~~


straight away go padang there..
register my name at Bendahara..(yellow)
and ask them about tat event lor..
hmm..thn tat teacher says:
"hey..lompat jauh semalam dah berlangsung la"
"hari ni lompat tinggi dengan tarik tali saja"
walao weh~~
even tarik tali also she call me to be reserved..

thn i call her to cut my name..
straight away cut ar!
so angry~ arghh~
thn go walk around ..
see perempuan C high jump..
quite okay..
thn suddenly a chinese teacher walk infront of me..
ask me:
"u what rumah? shahbandar(green)?"
thn i explain lor...about Bendahara de things..
okay..she ask me whether i got involve in any event b4 or not....
of course no lar!
2day is the first time ever tat i stay back at skul till so late~
thn she pull me to shahbandar..for high jump..

high jump????
long jump can la..
high jump ar..
i see dao tat palang oso phobia liaw ar!
aiyo..thn jump lor..
1st round so susah oni jump over..
thn 2nd round left 3 finalists oni..
my opponent quite strong..
i oways wish tat she will make tat palang drop..
ngek =]
hou choii..
still get no.1 and no giv Bendahara de ppl memandang rendah saya~xD



update 2moro.

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