per day.

click hype on :)

ask lahh.

♥a day vf two noob ka==♥

wakao.. tat noob ka...

noob dao..

at cc shout shout shout!

wanna slap him vf my whole energy..(sure no life ady de!)

play counter nvm lorr...

i sit between they all mah...(duno why choose dao tat place..==)

F*** lak...lose oni jiu shout ady 再shout again..JB ar..

nvm left hand side tat one win ady hor~~ wan buu tat lose de hor..

buu to me d wor...not buu to my right hand side at one..wakao..

niama== herh~ next time dun wan go CC ady er...TT

play at home moz gud~



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