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ask lahh.


>>oh my...duno how to say...<<
>>i'm using make up the 1st time in my life..<<
>> hor so fun hor==<<
>>play dao my face like '肮脏猫'<<
>>cheh--noob dou sei==<<
>>biibii say not nice arr~<<
>>see? biibii oso say not nice~<<
>>dou shi natural bi jiao leng~ haha~<<
>>bt i make up 4 the 1st time..<<
>>make dao myself oso gt confidence burr~<<
>>now i noe why those woman like make up so much~<<
>>yuan lai is gib dao confidence they all de~<<
>>can close everything~zhou wen ar~~ dou dou ar~ anything~ <<
>>make dao urself veli leng de~ blif me~<<
>> chance play again ya~^^<<
>>mu wakkss~~ ^^<<

KEK WATER !! yii~~~~~


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