per day.

click hype on :)

ask lahh.

wooooopsydoooooodieeee !
what day is today guys ?
oh yeahh , it's 31st August and the whole Malaysia know ,
today is our . . .


merdeka ! merdeka ! merdeka !

well , well , well
today is the most honour and respected day in a year .
of course , it is so much better if we just stay home ,
doing nothing and blogging .
don't go anywhere as it is waste of energy ,
no countdown ,
facebook-ing update your status , HAPPY NATIONAL DAY .

standing in front of your computer singing the national anthem is just enough .

yes , we have to celebrate the day ,
like counting down at Gentiong Highland ,
anywhere like Times Square or whateverplace lahh .

doing such is good ,
its just about how much you love your country , right ?
just like i said , watching videos like some patriotic songs ,
sing along , also shows that you love your country .


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