per day.

click hype on :)

ask lahh.

i watched
Harry Potter ,
Captain America .

a recommended movie for you guys !!!

okay , back to what I want to say .
FYI , i'm selected to the SELECTION for Asean School ,
belum lagi confirm pergi -,-
so , i'm glad when i heard the news from my coach ,
going to the selection next Tuesday .

wonder if I really get selected ,
i'm going to Vietnam on 20th of August .
and my trial exam starts on 15 and ends on 22nd !
CLASH LAH BABI ! omg omg omg omg !
how how how ? :'(
help me lahhhhhhh
toooooolooooooooooong :(

received a call from Sir Chiah ,
he asked my batik , shoes and t-shirt's size ,
and asked what name to write at the back of the shirt .
i'm thinking if i'm going for selection only ,
why do I have to tell these to him ?
why was he asking for ?

too much of questioning .
i will stop here .


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