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. Monday
. late to school
. sleepy
. online at school , again
. on facebook
. want to find out more what is BERSIH
. boring nak mati
. searching for lyrics
. starting to love maths *thank God
. Maths and Science dua masa hari ni
. ate biscuits as my breakfast , tak ada rasa langsung
. semakin lapar jadinya
. want to earn money myself
. feel like wanna cut my hair short short short
. feel like singing :)
. hope to hear you sing again
. i want to EAT NOW !

please please please :(
i wanna do something for him ,
we've been together for almost half a year now .
we shall love each other more right ?
no more fighty fighty !
iloveyou myboo :)

what to give ?
any plan B ? :(

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