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hey everyone ! *macam telecast
okayy , quite boring here ,
now during chinese period ,
online and blog here while others are studying ,

well , what i want to story here is related to a friend of mine ,
don't have to mention the name ,
but have to say something about her here , real bad .

okay , i'll describe it with the letter C :)

C is a friend of mine ,
C is a very friendly person ,
C makes not-so-many good friends cos of DIA's attitude .

okay laa , Dia's friends quite many also ,
but not as many as mine . *blablabla
firstly i thought that C is good , a person full of patience and tolerance ,
but when the time we know each even more ,
C is changing . I can see the changing day by day .

And that starts freaking me out .
C talks to me nicely , and we chat for a long long long time once we talked .
but now , C changed , and was like . . . . . opposing me . *means menentang laa
thats why I don't like to talk to C now .

I discussed this issue with my boyfie , and he asked me to compromise C .
WHAT THE duuuuuuut ?!

any suggestions other than COMPROMISING C ??
give me some idea so that i won't BOOM and smack C .

thanks .

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