per day.

click hype on :)

ask lahh.


i'm waiting for the dayyyyyyyyyyy !
February is here ! no more Jan, chinese new year is here.
well, what is my planning on February ?


i'm so gonna watch it !
i don't care i don't care i don't care !
18+ or whatever ! i have to watch it !
it's a MUST ! i wanna i wanna i wanna ! :'(
sorlouuuuu ! teman saya ! watch this ! must must must ! :(
but quite boring for you i think,
for me ? no no no no :D
Christina Aguilera's voice,
listen to the second song in the playlist, *just click next
her voice , so 'ummmmhhhhhh !'

she ROCKS !
she is the small woman with BIG VOICE !
she really got it ALL !
i can't stop praising her,
i like listen to her songs,
tune the volume to the MAX,
and get scolded by my dad, disturbing him watching tv,
duhh ?
do i care much ?
it's Christina !

she is beautiful :')

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