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ask lahh.


heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !
i miss you my blogggggggggieeeeeeeeeeee ! mwahs mwahs mwahs
! *kissing the monitor
just came back from i mentioned earlier,, ada
game there,,
got 2nd runner up :) *sounds nice-r

hrmmm.a lot of things happened during the days we've been
argue about things we should'nt argue,,
heard somethings we shouldn't hear,,
always make our coach mad at us,,
sleep together, eat together, use the toilet together,,
fight with each other because of bathroom,,

see ? we're so sweet :D
we love each other so much weih !
sometimes NOT.

we took alotofpica.
i even took pica with yvonne ! :D

with so many other people :)
with penang's, selangor's, lolss.of course lahh. their rooms are just beside ours.
okayy,, talk about the place we stay,,

its a complete RUBBISH.
see ? its classroom okay !
the washroom aka tandas,,
tak ada air ! good.
bath ? guna air tangki :D
there's two huge tangki-s above every tandas,
and there's some kind of thingie that we open it,,
and water starts to flow down.
and there we go ! an indoor waterfall.

about the game,,
for girls,,

1st= Sarawak,,
2nd= Johor,,
3rd= PAHANG,, *over

for boyss,,

1st= Sarawak *lagi
2nd= PAHANG,,
3rd= idc who gets third.

we did our best,,
we played so well,,
we even won Johor 1 set ! mwahahaa ! *bangga
for the opening ceremony dinner,,
the president of JAVA,, aka the owner of GRAND SEA VIEW RESTAURANT,,
the restaurant ! really 5 star !
its so awesomeeeeeee !

nehh. imsolazytowrite.
just let the picas tell you what i did :D
and i'll update it later !

i think tat's it :)
gonna update more tomorrow.
stay tuned :D

imissyoualready :(


  1. your header totally rocks :D so cute!! congratulations on winning the Johor 1 set!

  2. tehee !
    thankiu so muchhh :)
    my header ?
    oh yeah,,
    u like monkey too ? :D