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click hype on :)

ask lahh.


am i a loser? *not toilet cleaner
absolutely yes yes yes!

guess what?
he's aiming me lol. *what kind of word is that?
i'm so suffering x3+ (sad-ing x3) + (-happy 4) = teardrops +13 :'(
idk why must he aimed at me.
is he doing it on purpose? or what?
NONSENSE! why is he making it so complicated?
is it power or a.k.a KUASA is so idc important to you?
just FUCK that up.

asking them to come back,
lol! are they better than us?
sport school? i wonder that school is giving us RM1000 per hour. *then we're even better thn Dato LCW ady.
ohhhhhhh. how pity.................
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! we're backbiting you! SO WHAT!
bj bj bj.
always talking about bj.
i'll try my own best to enter.
no need you to give my name to the coach!

yaa. she took a best spiker before.
she's THE BEST. right?
issit true my dear friend?
OMG. wtf you gao gao! go la go la!
idw to see you guys anymore.
maybe i will just live my life alone.
the lone-wolf :'( *blades of glory

wateva laa! *only came out from me once or twice whn i'm angry. (do not copy)

i don't wanna hear shits anymore.
i'll just do what i want to do,
what i really think that's true and right.
then i'll go for it.


yeahh. i love you the most :)

and you know what?
my title up there means nothing.

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