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ask lahh.

the camp =)

hmm~ this camp pass so long dy.
i nearly forgot what really happened there. ngek~
hmm. let me just post the picas and tell some stories about it~
shall we? =)

DAY 1#

there's a small lake.
We can jog there.

the courts =]
we're training with other sports.
lots of facilities. ngek =)

Myan garu ketiak =]
we wear the same shirt.
Me and Sally =)
don't be shy =(
Me and Mandy =)
she is on da phone ==

that nite. =)
scene from above =)
so nice! it costs RM5000+ one day! we used it for about 2 hours only.
we would just buy two laptops with that money.
imagine the costs for this kem.
we used this audi for FOUR DAYS!

the stage =)
we do hakka and dikir here. ngek

at the audi.
these are the athletes =]

At night at the food court when supper =)
cute Zahar with my specs lol =)

DAY 2#
We're so hot hot hot~
perhimpunan at 2:45pm =(


this is the first time i tie my hair like this.
before training =)

That nite.

at auditorium.
what are you looking at huh?!

Kumpulan 8 have teamwork also mah.
why we get no.5 leh. T_T (altogether 8 kumpulan)

before perhimpunan at food court.
see what the menembak crew did to the cup and the BANANA.

Myan: "wei ar! You so Tall! Let me stand behind you can't ar! So HOT!"
ahliew: "me also very hot lar! =="
(perhimpunan at 2:45pm again ==)

Myan and Sally.
we went to support the SUKMA football team.
they won 2-0 =)
my support are not wasted. YAY!

The Hakka and Dikir NITE =)
DAY 3#

looks so real!
(i'm so far from her man!)

she's sweet =)

angry him for not seriously taking pica with me just now X(

with my kumpulan-mate =)
barisan atas: sepak takraw (P)
bawah: Equetrian (L) still got one more duno go where liaw~

waiting for our turn to do hakka and dikir =]

DAY 4#
last day :'(
in the bus going to the audi.
for raptai n' closing =)

this is the last pica i took there. Sad :'(

that's the end.
lots of fun activities. I'm so excited and busy till forget to take photos =(
i'm just took some picas of the camp nia.
so sad :'(
never mind~ still have chance mah.
i'm still young. (actually i'm quite old liaw) :'(
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and so on also have sukma =)
YAY! can't wait for the next camp~ xDDDDDD

gonna blog some group picas soon =)
going to have my dinner liaw.
bye. =]


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