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ask lahh.


Oh My GOD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

my skul~less than 100 chinese waa~~~
wuhuu~~ haha~ easy to remember...
see cum see go oso tat chinese boys and girls~
Oh My~ form 3 de gt 2 boys....

cant say nia= =
secret lai de~
hoho~suan liao~
wanna watch movie vf Yan~
wanna sing K vf U...
aikss....(dun misunderstand!) thr.....kecuali study+ training+ EAT+ SLEEP~
no other things can do ady LOR~!!

miss sei HWA LIAN and My FRENZ....
2day 'DATE' u all cum out limteh de...
bt all cant... aikss....

Sei Sor Keong~!
u go find ur Zhi Xuan lar~!!
fa siao here fa siao thr~!
go KL~ go GENTING...
GO GO GO~!!!

aikss...suan liao larr...
ppl still like u arr...
accept bak ppl nar..
noob dou sei...
ppl so leng...
2x thn 2x lorr..scare wad jek~

tats all beh~
nid BATH dy~

buai my fwenzz~^^

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