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1st Day 31/1:

Erm~ morning wake up dy straight pack hao hao things th sit myan uncle's car~
reached KUANTAN~ eat at a stall near ECM~
thn go ECM norr~ gaigai saja~
thn straight bak asrama at 5pm~~ sienz lorr~
thn wait till 7pm oni LaLa and Kai Xin came~
Me, Myan, Shu PIng, Kai Xin and LaLa at room wait Mandy~~
2day DIA punya befday~~


2nd DAY~ 1/2

Hmm~1st impression of PANGLIMA PERANG~
SUXX Man!!
Their assembly is under the HOT SUN!! (panas larr brother!)
OMG~we hav to wait in the PEjabat~
DAMN SUXX~ wan go toilet oso gib their disiplin teacher 'Mok G'~><
duno tis wad skul lai de~ CANT STUDY 2DAY!!
coz Sir Loo nt yet help us luluskan tat thing- -
he fetch us bak asrama thn we CONTINUE????
zzz~~ (jadi babi~)
thn 3.30pm training~~~

PS: (the disiplin teacher mok G we all coz we all go in BOYS' TOILET NEH!! not bcoz of wad~
later Mandy oni tell we all~ paiseh dao!)
3rd DAY~ Officially 1st day of SKUL~

aiks~ sienz de lorr~ 2 Gigih~ my class~ xD
wad kind of name is 2 Gigih?? hmm~
not going to socialize well in tis class and i knew tat!!
around me~ not malay thn indian~ bt they Oso okay larr~(at least din smell><)
bt i miss HWA LIAN the most.....T^T
i cant blif tat my 1st fren thr is an INDIAN BOY~~(Keshvin~^^)
yorr~ and tat chinese teacher keep forcing me to learn CHINESE EH!!!!

tats all~~ i duno can write wad lagi~ all 4get~><
aikss~ 2moro going bak to hwa lian xia xia~ meet bak my OLD fren~><
miss sei u all!!!
cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~

-The End-


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