per day.

click hype on :)

ask lahh.

saying gudbye..........T^T

i duno...........
is it true? im sad tat eu make tat choice...
im veli dissapointed in you!
Oh my.........

Angel~ thx for ur poster...><

Ke Xin~thx for ur watch~(jam tangan~)
(i owayz want one~thx veli much~^^)

ah LONG~thx for ur NiPS and BiTES~
(u cheng me eat i very hapi~sei fei long~^^)

ah REN~ thx for ur hug~
i reali feel the loving in you.....
(thx my fren~)

Hiu Yan~ thx for ur "我爱你~"
i appreciate it~ ^^

ViVian~thx for ur help~ thx for being thr for me~
angie wont angry eu dy d narr~

bao bei and all my frenzz~
thx for shaking hands vf me~
and my best frenz~
thx for hugging me~
i felt so WARM in u guys' hugs~

and my teachers~
thx for not scolding me on my last day~
(although i did not finished my homework~)
i will miss u guys~
bt i wont be bak till i've tried~

bt i will try to come back often to see u guys~
sure miss u guys de mah~

Shi Qian oso ok vf me ady~~
haha~sure miss sei JB and CC~
aikss~~4get to write thm in tat paper><
suan liao larr~

hope eu all can cum kuantan tam me lurr~
haha~ thn we go watch movie together~
kk? ^^

ah ted... u make me very dissapointed in you..
bt...are we still frenz? k lorr- -
i wan u treat me like kawan biasa!
not like enemies~

lub ya'll~
mini oso~^^
sms me yarr~


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