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in -2C-

ermm.... tis week may be the last week of SCHOOLING DAYS ~
OMG~~~ miss miss miss~~~~
my dear 2C~~hmm~ quite fun in tat class~

hoho~~ HOR THONG Qin~~~~~~ haiyoo~~
PADINI !!! ishh~><
eu entered thn k lorr~!
arghh~~ still wan LC me~ tired thn tired larr!
show those face GAO arr~~~
2moro ur befday~ i 4gib eu~

hmm...i hope 2moro tat KERANI cuti agn- -
so tat i no nid take tat letter=3=
aikss~i hope they all will treat me gud a bit norr...
ppl leaving le neh~dun like tis treat me marh~~
i sad de neh~......T^T
ah ted arh ah ted~~
sei zai u arr!
u wan die izzit!! ishh.......><
ah ren oso~see him oso geram!
twice i tell eu! TWICE!!
it hurts!! my nose hurts!
my eyes hurts!! argh~~
angry sei u all ar.............T^T

i think i finish dy~
aikss..i oso duno wan gib him wad gift..
jia nian oso...
his befday is on 16th Jan~
aikss~kanasai~so many~~
lazy wan write le larr~~~


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