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the +LiFE+ [season 2] part 1~~

aduii~tired of training lar~~
1st week....
veli shuang de~~coz train afternoon oni mah~~
everyday slp till 12pm oni wake up de~
thn....kena scold==
tat En.Manab lak...scold we all....say we owayz slp till late==
suan liao lar~~thn 2nd week start training morning oso....TT
aikss....malas lor==
thn start gt perhimpunan pagi ady==
kanasai lor==tired dou sei ar~~~
thn nvm wor~nid to push up tim==

i see tat ppl wan kill us ar~
at jalan tar neh~ bcoz....
the bilik d lampu n kipas no off==
zadao bo== aikss~ make dao we all d hands sakit dao~~~

thn still nid training oo~ aikss~ Suan liao suan liao~

the boring life ends whn TENGTENG bring her laptop~
wao~~ thn start watching muvees~
she gt 花样男子 wor~
thn watch till high~ wuhuu~~
Lee Min Ho=Gu Jun Pyun~
wah~~ leng zai ar~!!!!!

their theme pic~
F4~~flower 4~ leng zai ar~!!

i will update my blog soon~
there are more stories~
cant write now coz my bro is stealing d comp frm me==
suan bah~~


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