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un 16~~~~ champion arrr~~ n my life at Bera, Kemayan for 3 days==

aikss~~win jor lak~ finally...
they oso no play== thr neh~~ quite fun lorr~
haha~~ juz one word can describe me now...
oh my~~~ yesterday play 10 sets arr....
thn 2day final play 4 sets neh~~
tired dou sei...TT
hoho~go thr by train~quite h0t~
sit vf jessy~ back oso sit vf her--
nvm lorr~ thn reach thr dy~~get ready lorr~
no test court~~ mah clean the classroom lorr~(we slp de place==)
thn jiu go mum mum~wah~~ thr de 糖水 reali hao liao ar!!!!
kemayan gt one 街 oni~~ so not hard f0r eu to find tat shop~ hoho~


most shuang dy lak~~ hoho~~
ride xin en de m0t0r~~
me~jessy + mui yan oso gt~~
thn ride lorr~jessy ride ah xiang de~
me ride ah lo0n de~
n mui yan ride xin en de~(who duno xin en de~~ she is xiao mandy~~)
thn fly motor lurr~ not veli fast de lak~
quite shuang xia~~
thn jiu oii oii~~ gud nite~~


thn the next morning~~
1st match vs Bentong at 1pm~~
quite sienzz while waiting~~
thn win 2-0~
straight no gib face arr~
chorr gao gao oso~~
coz jessy call de==
coz of LLL wor she said~
thn mah no fong shui lorr~
thn 4pm vs Bera><
lose wa~~~==
lose 2-1 ><
yuu~~bu gan yuan~~
hmm~ nvm~! final meet guo lak!!!
thn lose dy lor~ vs triang at semi~~3-2
wuhuu~ win oso mah~~sibeh tired jor tat time==
wakao~~ finally~ win oso~wuhuu~
thn 2nite did jor one si beh wrong de mistake!!!
soli ar....T^T
(bt hapi oso can........... no do bad thing ar! i swear!)

(extra thing== 'for vball player oni')

the most important game~
tired dao arr~~ duno why...
digging ok...covering ok...service zha dao libero~ hoho~(one oni==)
jiu shi spiking thr...why cha liao de ar??
sui ran gt get still like gt a bit mistake de?
my hand? or i jump not high enough?
i guess lak~~ is i din train dao...aikss...
everyday rain wor...hwa lian 又cant use de ar...
aikss~thn jiu no train dao lorr~ train 1 or 2 days oni a week..yuu~~


thn finish ady...boys final temerloh A vs pekan A..
lose liao lak...aduii~pekan win le lak~ hapi mei you~
sei jing long== suan liao kfc...

mui yan n Annie~ + potato crisp~
back home le lorr~~
reach M'kab dy~~
put bags at Mandy de shop straight go dragon home eat...
hungry dao~~wan wait mandy~
thn finish ady mandy say wan 2nd round at taufufah thr==


thn go play tat giap dolls de~
me giap dao one penguin~~ k0 ai dao~~
i wan call it'RM2' a.k.a 两块钱~~hoho~
coz i use Rm2 to giap it==(mandy say de~)
thn meet pekan de fren at KFC...
thn jiu send jessy home~~
by accompany her wait bus~ thn delivered her bak home safe n sound~~~


hmm~~ thn jiu bak home lorr~
vf annie/angie geh car~
thn jiu bak home...
ON9...................thn now going to.....................zzz~~




  1. cheh~sit wif me so''si li''u mie??
    lolz...the luan==
    i din hug dou the RM2 leh~~
    tat day i din go out..u reli din do de bad thing mie??cheh~~haha

  2. haha~~ ya lak~ lazy wan type mah~
    mah jump lorr~ xD
    jessy ar~~
    luan horr~~><
    daisei no hug dao RM2~XD
    reali no do bad thing eh...T^T
    i swear!!!!

  3. haha~~ok lah~~just jk mah~~
    hehe~~no nid to swear de~><

  4. hoho~~ coz i reali no do mah~~
    aduii~ later ppl sa me kiss kiss vf him jiu no gud lorr~ aduii~~ ><