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MOONCAKE FESTIVAL JUZ PASSED~ hong min de house play a while oni...
candles n deng long~ hehe~(灯笼)
haha~quite fun ar~~ gt BBQ~~
shuang xia~~although BBQ dao gt abit 'long'~ haha~
bt fun xia~

nice arr~~ SO NICE~~hmm~
at thr~~play play xia lorr~noob ALEX n noob TEIN WEI~wakao~!
teAch me dance wa~ haha~ noob noob noob..haha~
thn jiu lucky draw~ i go bak ady lurr~ duno go kena or not~go ask Alex later~
hmm..sienz ar..
tat day 4get wan to update..straight go slp..
reali bo ppl puii me tim..(gt so i cal they all go slp..wan 2 be alone..)
duno why..reali wanna to be..


(jessy lai d~)


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