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=>♥2day's special♥<=

emm.. today got a bit special at skul~
teacher measure our height and weight in the class~
wakao.. Thin till 47kg eh..
last time still 48kg...TT
nvm lorr~
thn jiu measure height~
wahh~ very satisfied arr~
tall jor 2cm : ))
hapi arr~
2day at skul din do anything lorr~
seii sistar~ dnwan chii me lak~
herh~! nvm : (
thn jiu back to class lor~
open buffett~wakaka~
CC buy some lak~ bao bei buy some lak~ me oso buy some + bring some lak~
haha~ all eat in the class~noob seii~(Boom de period~mwahaha)


at home ar~ do pig lor~~
still got xia mii~
sleep till 4get to reply my biibii tim~
thn wake up ady go bath~get ready to go tuition~
eat eat~thn go tuition~
at tuition sienz dao~~~~
thn jiu take pica vf baobeii again = =

Me n' BAO BEii~
haha~ noob de~
aiks~thn finish ttn straight bak home~
coz 2(er) jie went to KL~
thn 1(da) jie fetch lor~
speed oo! reach home in less than 3 mins : )
thn at home very bored lorr~
n play vf my mask~
haha~ got teeth de leh~
isn't it cute ^^

aikss~ i think that's all for today~
wanna off ady~
buai sistarr~ waiting ur blog ar : )


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