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hmm...i got noob noob de fren~ from kemayan~
he lak...walao~ i joke xia oni mah~i say~(translate to english~)

Me:“ur blog long time no update liao ar~"
Him:"ya lorr~ very lazy wan to update mah~"
Me:"haha~ nothing can write meh~"
Him:"haha~ ya lorr...oso nothing to write~"
Me:"haha~ write about me lak~"(i joke oni...很明显咯。。。==)
Him:"haha~ okey ar~ i jiu write about eu..."
Me:"wei...! i joke oni wor=="

its too late~~ tat time i nid to off liao~
so no finish chat~ he oso no reply me ady~
thn juz now i go see~ he really write about me wa== noob ka...
go see~ down tat one his blog de link lai de~click oni~ ==

►noob~ really noob~◄


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